Conference Registration
U.S. Army Conference on Applied Statistics
October 24-26, 2001

All conference attendees must submit a registration form. Preregistration will be accepted two weeks in advance of the meeting, that is, mailed by October 9th. The preregistration fee is $125. Late or on-site registration is $150. Please print this form out from your workstation, fill it out, and mail to:

U.S. Army Research Laboratory
APG, MD 21005-5067

Section 1

Please check each activity that applies:

I plan on attending the short course "Applied Logistic Regression" during October 22-23.

I plan on attending the social at The Bishop's Lodge on Tuesday evening, October 23.

I plan on attending the Army Wilks Award banquet on Wednesday evening, October 24.

I plan on joining the conference in a buffet lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday (please circle each day that applies) .


Section 2

Dining facilities are not convenient to the conference location. We have arranged for a very reasonably priced lunch buffet menu to be served each day of the conference. We encourage you to exercise this option. The cost is $15 per lunch ticket.

Please check a fee according to the schedule below. For planning purposes, please return the registration form even if planning to register on site.



 Conference registration +banquet +social



 Conference registration +banquet +social +lunch 1 days



 Conference registration +banquet +social +lunch 2 days



 Conference registration +banquet +social +lunch 3 days



 Conference registration +banquet +social +lunch 4 days




Section 3

Please enclose a check in the above amount payable to "GMU Army Applied Statistics" or provide all the credit card information requested below. Registrations with incomplete payment information will be returned.

Pay "GMU Army Applied Statistics"   Name:
Amount: $   Address:
Circle one: Master Card or Visa    
Account Number:    
Exp. Date:    
Signature   Phone: