Previous Conferences

The Army Conference on Applied Statistics is conducted each year in October. Under its current name and expanded interest, the conference is now in its seventh year. The forerunner of this conference was the Design of Experiments Conference in Army Research, Development, and Testing. That conference formally concluded in 1994 after 40 years.

Information from previous conferences is provided here as a conference snapshot. Conference summary information lists invited speakers, tutorials, Wilks Award winners, and site dating back to 1995. A list of talks or actual agenda is given and in some cases brief descriptions of the conferences are also included.

Historical Summary

1999 (5th) Overview

2000 (6th) Overview and Agenda

2001 (7th) Overview and Agenda

2002 (8th) Overview and Agenda

2003 (9th) Overview and Agenda

2004 (10th) Overview and Agenda

2005 (11th) Overview and Agenda

2006 (12th) Overview and Agenda

2007 (13th) Overview and Agenda

2008 (14th) Agenda

2009 (15th) Agenda

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