Statistics for Spatio-Temporal Data
October 22 & 23

Prof. Christopher K. Wikle, University of Missouri

This state-of-the-art presentation of spatio-temporal processes bridges classic ideas with modern hierarchical statistical modeling concepts. From understanding environmental processes and climate trends to developing new technologies for mapping public-health data and the spread of invasive species, there is a high demand for statistical analyses of data that takes spatial and/or temporal information into account. Prof. Wikle’s course will consider a systematic approach to key quantitative techniques for the statistical analysis of such data that features hierarchical (empirical and Bayesian) statistical modeling, with an emphasis on dynamical spatio-temporal models. This training will cover material from the 2011 text “Statistics for Spatio-Temporal Data, 2nd ed.” by Cressie & Wikle.

The short course is a free service offered to conference registrants. No additional fees are required beyond conference registration.


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