U.S. Army Wilks Award

The Army Wilks Award is given periodically at this conference to a deserving individual who has made a substantial contribution to statistical methodology and application impacting the practice of statistics in the Army through personal research in statistics or application of statistics in the solution of Army problems. The award was established to commemorate the career of Prof. Samuel S. Wilks and especially his service to the Army. Letters of nomination and a vita germane to Army service should be mailed by August 17, 2012 to Jock O. Grynovicki at the address given below. Questions regarding the Army Wilks Award nominations should also be directed to Jock Grynovicki at jock.o.grynovicki.civ@mail.mil.

U.S. Army Research Laboratory
AMSRD-ARL-HR-SE (Dr. Grynovicki)
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005-5425

SS Wilks

Prof. Samuel S. Wilks

Recipients to Date

Robert Bechhofer (1981) Bernard Harris (1982) Herbert David (1983)
Nozer Singpurwalla (1984) Emanuel Parzen (1985) Francis Dressel (1986)
J. Stuart Hunter (1987) Marion Bryson (1988) Boyd Harshbarger (1989)
James Thompson (1991) Malcolm Taylor (1992) Douglas Tang (1993)
J. Sethuraman (1994) W. Jay Conover (1997) Robert Launer (1998)
Edward Wegman (1999) C.R. Rao (2000) Eugene Dutoit (2002)
Donald Barr (2003) David Scott (2004) Barry Bodt (2006)
Wei-Yin Loh (2007) Francisco Samaniego (2008) Donald Gaver (2009)
Arthur Fries (2010) Bruce West (2011)

2011 Army Wilks
Award Recipient

                                Bruce West

Dr. Bruce West (right) of the US Army Research Laboratory

receives the 2011 Army Wilks Medal from the 2010 recipient
Dr. Arthur Fries (left)
of the Institute for Defense Analyses.

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