Alexandria, V.A.

The conference is being held at the the American Statistical Association in Alexandria, VA from 9-13 December, with a two-day tutorial "Classification and Regression Trees and Forests" on 9-10 December. The tutorial will also be held in the ASA facilities. The conference has visited the D.C. area several times in its history, especially marking shifts in direction, going back to the Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing. The inaugural conference in 1955 was held at the Diamond Ordnance Fuze Laboratories (now part of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory) in Adelphi, MD. Forty years later, the conference became the Army Conference on Applied Statistics (ACAS) under new sponsorship and with a broadening emphasis. The Washington D.C. area was again the choice with a return to the Army Research Laboratory headquarters in Adelphi, MD. It is only fitting that with another significant conference change, that the Interface Conference on Applied Statistics (ICAS) would begin in the Capital Region, this time in nearby Alexandria at the location of the American Statistical Association.

The American Statistical Association address is 732 North Washington Street, Alexandria, VA. More information about Alexandria, including hotels and restaurants can be found through the Visitor's Bureau site.

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