Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 16-18, 1957
Diamond Ordnance Fuze Laboratory and the National Bureau of Standards, Washington, DC




Invited Speakers

Title Author
Practical Problems in Experimental Design (Title Only) R.A. Fisher
Experimentation by Simulation and Monte Carlo A.W. Marshall
Life Testing Benjamin Epstein
Changes in the Outlook of Statistics Brought About by Modern Computers H.O. Hartley

Contributed Papers

Title Author
A Computer Control System for the Simulation of Aerodynamic Heating of Structures (Title Only) J.T. Sawyer
An Instrument for the Determination of Impact Sensitivity of Materials in Contact with Liquid Oxygen W.R. Lucas and W.A. Riehl
Experimental Investigation of the Responses of a Liquid in an Oscillating Container Oxygen Werner R. Eulitz and Herman Beduerftig
A Statistical Design to Estimate Parameters Affecting Velocity in a Gun-Ammunition System (Title Only) Abraham Rosenfeld
An Investigation of Test Instruments (Title Only) E.L. Bombara and Boyd Harshbarger
The Analysis of Test Data for Purpose of Setting Specification Limits P.G. Sanders and Boyd Harshbarger
Techniques of Weapon Effectiveness Analysis (Title Only) L.F. Nichols
The Analysis of Wind Speed Frequency Distributions and Their Application Hans G. Baussus
Experimental Investigation of the Motion of a Liquid in a Decelerated Guided Missile Container E.A. Hellebrand
An Example of Automation with Associated Statistical Problems E.L. Cox and W.D. Foster
Design of an Experiment to Study the Effect of Balloon Size on Its Response to the Wind Raymond Bellucci
Evaluation of Infective Virus Preparations as to Potency F.M. Wadley
Linear Structural Relationships Underlying the Decomposition of Levinstein H (Title Only) Henry Ellner
Experimental Design in Field Studies on Leadership Carl Lange and F.H. Palmer
The Design of Controlled Field Experiments Floyd I. Hill
Determining Life Behavior of Sub-Miniature Tubes Through Designed Experiments (Title Only) E.G. Bianco
A Point of View in the Analysis of Simulation Data Sol Haberman
Ultrasonics, A Tool for Weldment Inspection J.E. Kingsbury, W.N. Clotfelter, and W.R. Lucas
Short-Life Study of Capacitors R.W. Tucker
On the Relation Between the Engineer and the Statistician Joseph Mandelson
Design of an Experiment in the Reliability of a Complex Component J.W. Mitchell
Manual of Experimental Statistics for Ordnance Engineers (Title Only) Mary G. Natrella
Punch Card Computing of F-Tests G.H. Andrews, J. Dominitz, G.T. Eccles, C.J. Maloney, and C.W. Rigg
Compounding Confidence Regions (Title Only) L.M. Court

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Problem for Estimating Tolerance Bands for Sample Curves from a Weiner Process (Title Only) B.M. Kurkjian
The Design of Controlled Simulation Experiments M.D. Springer
Problems in Analysis of Electron Tube Experiments Mortimer Zinn
Electronic Circuitry Design Via Computer Simulation (Title Only) R. Lacy
Correlation of Fuze Functioning with Detonator Static Sensitivity Tests (Title Only) Benjamin Shratter
Some Problems Encountered in the Evaluation of Erosion in Cannon Bores P.J. Loatman
Determining Durability of Textile Fabrics by Means of Controlled Field Testing J.W. Griswold
Some Problems in the Quantitative Analysis of Combat Intelligence (Title Only) R.H. Burros
Testing Philosophy for Guided Missile Fuzes (Title Only) J.H. Campagna
Statistical Design for Experiment on Sensitivity of Explosives to Setback Pressures (Title Only) A. Bulfinch