Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 19-21, 1960
The Ballistic Research Laboratories, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD




Invited Speakers

Title Author
Reliability James R. Duffett
Examination of Residuals Francis J. Anscombe
Group Screening Designs W.S. Connor
The Enduring Values (Banquet, Title Only) W.J. Youden
Multivariate Analysis Illustrated by Nike-Hercules: I. Separation of Product and Measurement Variability, II. Acceptance Sampling J. Edward Jackson
Panel Discussion on Common Pitfalls in the Design and Analysis of Experiments George E.P. Box (Chairman), Cuthbert Daniel, J. Stuart Hunter, W.J. Youden, and Marvin Zelen

Contributed Papers

Title Author
A Simulation Error-Model for an Airborne Target Location System (Title Only) E. Biser and John Beckmann
Analysis of Some Trajectory Measuring Instrumentation Systems Oliver Lee Kingsley
A Trial Comparing Certain Side Effects of Two Nerve Gas Antidotes, Using Human Subjects C.A. deCandole and B.A. Richardson
An Application of the Exponential Hazard Model to Aerosol Chamber Trial Data Theodore W. Horner
Allocation of Resources and Military Worth System (Title Only) Walter E. Cushen
An Experiment in Personnel Management Evaluation Richard R. Blough
A Note on Approximate Confidence Intervals for Functions of Binomial Parameters Henry DeCicco
Performance of Propellants Evaluated by Tensile and Ballistic Tests Niles White and Boyd Harshbarger
Design for Weighing Calibrations (Title Only) Neilson
Response Surface Analysis as Related to Repellant Research (Title Only) D.G. Boyle and E.A. Perlman
Application of Factorial Experiment and Box Technique to Ballistic Devices D.J. Katsanis and C.L. Fulton
On the Problem of Negative Estimates of Variance (Title Only) W.S. Thompson and J.R. Moore
“Build-Up” of Single Point Source Data R.F. White
Some Tests for Outliers C.P. Quesenberry and H.A. David
Note on Precision of Graded vs. All-or-None Response in Bioassay Francis M. Wadley
A Virulence Measure for Minute Organisms (Title Only) S.A. Krane
Design of an Experiment for the Most Efficient Conduct of Safety, Reliability and Performance Tests of Fuzes in the Design and Development Stages Gertrude Weintraub
Design of an Experiment to Evaluate the Effects of Various Factors Affecting the Acceleration of Unconventional Fragments (Title Only) Gertrude Weintraub
Design of the Laboratory Statistical Reliability Program for the T46E1 Warhead (Title Only) Alfred Fiorentiono
Design of a Laboratory Reliability Program for the XM44 Shillelagh Missile Warhead and the XM805 Fuzing System (Title Only) Lawrence Langweil
Reliability Prediction (Title Only) A. Bulfinch
On the Use of Monotone Functions in Multi-Dimensional Environmental Testing (Title Only) Edward W. Chittenden
Asymptotically Locally Most Powerful Test for the Identity of Regressions of Variables Requiring Transformations (Title Only) Jerzy Neyman and Elizabeth L. Scott

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Calibration of a Zinc Sulfide Particle Detector John E. Malligo
Effects of Aiming Point Patterns on Bomb Salvo Target Coverage Ralph D. Doner
The Tolerance Structure of Complex Systems (Title Only) Walton M. Hancock and William S. Agee
Multivariate Analysis for Project Michigan Experiments Emil H. Jebe
Problems in the Analysis and Interpretation of Information Processing Experiments Emil H. Jebe and William A. Brown
Computation of Expected Resolution Improvement Factor of an Inverse Filter System Chandler Stewart
Panoramic Viewing Utilizing Hyperbolic Ellipsoidal Reflecting Optics Donald W. Rees
Some Statistical Problems Related to Missile Safety Paul C. Cox
A Comparison of Laboratory Evaluation and Field Wear of Military Fabrics William S. Cowie
Estimation of Condemnation Limits from Limited Fatigue Runout Data on Full Scale Components (Title Only) J.P. Purtell and C.W. Egan