Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 21-23, 1970
US Army Logistics Management Center, Fort Lee, VA




Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to George W. Snedecor, Iowa State University

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Minimum Discrimination Information Estimation and Application Solomon Kullback
Field Testing: Methodological Considerations and a Specific Example Richard J. Kaplan and T.S. Donaldson
The Analysis of Complex Contingency Table Data from General Experimental Designs and Sample Surveys Gary G. Koch and Donald W. Reinfurt
Estimation in Truncated Poisson Distributions with Concomitant Intervals and Truncation Points A. Clifford Cohen
Nonparametric Analysis of Covariance (Title Only) Dana Quade

Contributed Papers

Title Author
A Statistical Analysis of Dynamic Respiratory Data Generated Through Protective Mask Wear Edwards N. Fiske
A Complex Split Plot Design for an Experiment Involving Stano Small Unit Live Fire James S. DeGracie, C. David Faulkenberry, Timm R. Rodgers, and Harvey Bunce
The Prediction of Individual Military Performance from Laboratory Measures of Performance in Volunteers Exposed to Incapacitating Agents (Title Only) James S. Ketchum, Philip Shiner, Lorence Gutterman, and Philip K. Kysor
Some Effects of an Improper Screening Technique on the AOQ When Using CSP-1 Fred L. Abraham
Some Methodologies for Application of the Economic Payback Ratio (Title Only) Eugene E. Dutoit
Empirical Bayes Estimators for Some Time Series Parameters Robert L. Launer and Richard G. Krutchkoff
Empirical Bayes Estimation for the Applied Statistician Richard Krutchkoff
Systems Vulnerability Due to Multiple Component Drift and Component Failure W.W. Happ
Time Constrained Reliability Data Developments for Radio Equipment in a Ground-Based Laboratory C.E. Deckard and T.K. DeClue
Characteristic Coefficients, Probability and Classification of Wind Profiles (Surface to 25 Km) Oskar M. Essenwanger
Identification of Workers in Biologicals Through Serum Titers by Discriminant Function Walter D. Foster and Marian D. Jones
A Statistical Hierarchical Model for Flight Test Data of a VHF-FM Distance Measuring System (DME) Erwin Biser and Eddie Cornelious
A Multivariate Statistical Model for a Semiautomatic Flight Operations Center (SAFOC) Sol Berg, William Paterson, Erwin Biser, Authur Coppola, and Edward Hansen
Environmental Control System Analysis (Title Only) Francis Brandi
New Analyses and Methods Leading to Improved Target Acquisition Requirements Involving Systems, Geodetic and Re-Entry Errors, and Increased Weapons Effectiveness for Conventional Weapons Part II Hans Baussus-von Luetzow
A Mathematical Model for Adjustment Phase Procedures and Monte Carlo Investigation of the Effect of These Procedures on Fire for Effect Rounds Sidney Gerard
Quick Reaction Study of Calibration Drift in Radiaometer IM-174() Joseph Weinstein
Optimal Designs with a Tchebycheffian Spline Regression V.N. Murty
Ordinary and Empirical Bayes Approach to Estimation of Reliability in the Weibull Life Testing Model George C. Canavos and Chris P. Tsokos
Equi-Radial Designs for Weighted Regression Analysis: Fitting a Second-Degree Model John A. Cornell
System Parameter Optimization Using Response Surface Methodology Garry W. Barnard
Criteria for a Ballistic Model George I. Lavin
A Distribution Free Alternative to Probit-type Analysis (Title Only) Bert Levy and Gerald M. Schultz
Multiple Comparisons Revisited Clifford J. Maloney
An Optimal U2 (Min) Design for Estimating the Slope of a Second Order Linear Model Lyman Ott and W. Mendenhall
Myths in the Design of Measurements Keats A. Pullen, Jr.

Clinical Papers

Title Author
A Statistical Approach to Optimizing the Mechanical Behavior of Composite Materials Donald L. Martin, Jr.
Prediction of Shape Charge Jet Characteristics from Optical Measurement of Linear Collapse Velocity (Title Only) Glen Rander-Pherson
A Backward Elimination General Significance Regression Model Charles E. Colvin and Maureen E. Machtolff
Test Design and Data Requirements for Operational Field Testing of Aircraft (Title Only) Chauncey P. Bell
Reliability Testing of Weapon Systems Ronald L. Racicot
Test Procedures for Evaluation of Nuclear Effects on Initiators W.B. Thomas and R.E. Betts