Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 22-24, 1975
Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, DC


Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Herbert Solomon, Stanford University

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Success in Social and Medical Experimentation (Title Only) Frederick Mosteller
Non-randomized Clinical Trials Edmund A. Gehan and E.J. Freireich
Randomized Clinical Trials (Title Only) Paul Meier
Predictivism and Sample Reuse Seymour Geisser
Normality and Disease (Title Only) Edmond A. Murphy

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Design of Experiments Dealing with Man-machine Interface in Current Communications Systems R.J. D’Accardi, H.S. Bennett, and J.R. Hennessy
Planning for the Measurement of Flight Trajectory J.B. Gose and J.V. Carrillo
Non-randomized Factorial Designs Characterized by Trend Elimination and a Minimum Number of Factor Level Changes Les Lancaster and Steve Reynolds
A Method of Estimating Error Variance in a Non-replicated Experiment by Partitioning an Interaction Term into Non-Additivity and Error L. Douglas Peirce and H. Gill Hilton
Planning Quantal Response Tests for Ordnance Devices: The Two-point Strategy R.E. Little
Applications of the Monte Carlo Technique to Determine Statistical Stress and Strain Response Around Cut-outs in Composites (Title Only) Donald M. Neal
Techniques for Statistically Determining Flight Suitability of an Artillery Projectile Ronald Corn and Gertrude Weintraub
Bayesian System Reliability Growth Analysis Using Subsystem Data (Title Only) John G. Mardo
On the Robustness of the Exponential Distribution George C. Canavos
Random Interval Reliability Gerald R. Andersen
Confidence Intervals for a Sum of Renewal Processes with Application in Reliability Ronald L. Racicot
Structural Variance Estimation (Title Only) Clifford J. Maloney and Lucille A. Carver
Applying Simulation of Physiological Systems to the Design of Experiments: Examples of Endocrine and Respiratory Function Stanley M. Finkelstein and Stanley S. Reisman
A Design for the Detection of Synergy in Drug Mixtures P.V. Piserchia and B.V. Shah
Some Sequential Designs for Binomial Clinical Trials L. Arkles and R. Srinivasan
Various Methodological Approaches to Peer Evaluations Ronald G. Downey and Paul J. Duffy
Objective Analysis of Camouflage Via Image Interpreters Ronald L. Johnson
NATO Joint Field Trial on Air Defense Site Camouflage (Title Only) Allan T. Sylvester II
A Simple Method for Determining the Unrestricted Average Outgoing Quality Limit (UOAQL) of a Continuous Sampling Plan Richard M. Brugger
Semi Markov Chains Applied to Markov Chain Functionals Partially Dependent on Random Backward Time Shifts David L. Arp
Progressively Censored Sampling in the Three Parameter Log-Normal Distribution A. Clifford Cohen

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Investigations of Interface Between 5.56MM Bullets and Rifling Configurations Dennis J. Conway
A Step Toward the Rational Design of Experiments in Metal-Forming Technology (Title Only) Paul Gordon
Empirical Comparison of Criterion Referenced Measurement Models Kenneth I. Epstein and Frederick H. Steinheiser, Jr.
Pressure Impulse Methodology (Title Only) Barry H. Rodin
Application of Life Testing Techniques to Detection Data Carl B. Bates and Jerry Thomas
Test Design Considerations in Camouflage of the M60A1 Tank (Title Only) William K. Emerson
Detecting an Unknown Signal in a Multiple Object, Telemetry Situation John Bart Wilburn, Jr.
Outlier Detection Procedures in Trajectory Data Reduction William S. Agee and Robert H. Turner