Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 22-24, 1980
US Army White Sands Missile Range, held at New Mexico State University, Las Cruses, NM

Theme of Conference: Data Analysis


Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to W. Allen Wallis, University of Rochester

Short Course on Applied Regression Analysis (Title Only), October 20-21, 1980, Norman Draper

Invited Speakers

Title Author
How Far to Go in Looking at Data (Keynote) Francis J. Anscombe
Design of Experiments (Title Only) Toby J. Mitchell
The Rank Transformation as a Robust and Powerful Tool for the Analysis of Experimental Data W.J. Conover
The Nonparametric Estimation of Probability Densities in Ballistics Research James R. Thompson, Chih-chy Fwu, and Richard A. Tapia
Some Aspects of Engineering Time Series Analysis Victor Solo
Stress-Strength Models for Reliability: Overview and Recent Advances Richard A. Johnson and G.K. Bhattacharyya

Contributed Papers

Title Author
An Application of Order Statistics to Time-Sequence Logic William E. Baker and Malcolm S. Taylor
Stochastic Models for Pairs of Waiting Lines (Title Only) Mary Ann Maher
Inference Procedures for Determining Life Time Estimates of Advanced Materials Donald Neal, Edward M. Lenoe, and Donald Mason
Risks to Neighboring Facilities Paul C. Cox
Some Results for the Univariate Normal Random Linear Regression Model Prediction Theory D.G. Kabe
Adaptive Median Smoothing William S. Agee and Jose E. Gomez
Fitting an Ellipse Donald L. Buttz
Methods for Approximating Mathematical Functions, Errata Donald W. Rankin
Extreme Value Quantile Response Experimental Design Jill H. Smith and Jerry Thomas
Alternative Quantile Estimation W.D. Kaigh
Testability of Linear Hypotheses in Normal Linear Models Gerald S. Rogers
The Potential Utility of Crossing a Fractional Factorial with a Full Factorial in the Design of Field Tests Carl T. Russell
Some Remarks on Crossover Experiments J. Robert Burge
A Time Series Analysis and Modeling Approach of Sense and Destroy Armor (SADARM) Radiometric (Electromagnetic Radiation) Noise Data Richard T. Maruyama
The Role of Spatial Bandwidth Limits in the Measurement and Interpretation of Second-Order Statistical Properties E.L. Church
Development of an Idealized Growth Curve Model (Title Only) Larry H. Crow
Bounds for Optimal Confidence Limits for Series Systems Bernard Harris and Andrew P. Soms
Optimal Upper Confidence Limits for Products of Poisson Parameters with Applications to the Interval Estimation of the Failure Probability for Parallel Systems Bernard Harris and Andrew P. Soms
An Algorithm for Trilateration James T. Hall
Social Scientist Technique: The Catalyst for Obtaining Objectivity from Subjectivity Ronald L. Johnson
On the Interpolation of Gravity Anomalies and Deflections of the Vertical in Mountainous Terrain H. Baussus-von Luetzow

Clinical Papers

Title Author
The Use of Ridge Regression in Trajectory Estimation William S. Agee and Robert H. Turner
An Eight Variable Composite Design for Fitting a Second Order Response Surface Carl B. Bates
Radar Error Signal Improvement Robert E. Green
Use of the Bilinear Z-transform in Implementing Digital Filters Donald W. Rankin
A Stochastic Mesoscale Meteorological Model (Title Only) Elton P. Avara
Optimal Estimation Techniques for Forecasting Propagation Parameters K.E. Kunkel and D.L. Walters
MOS Training Course Selection Criteria: An Application of Discriminant Analysis Pat Cassady and Lounell Snodgrass
The Armor Combat for Model Support (ARCOMS) Field Experiment Roger F. Willis
Reliability Based Safety Factors for Concrete Structures Sliding Stability Paul F. Mlakar
A Unified and Unbiased Analysis for Decision Making in Paternity Disputes Paul H. Thrasher