Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 21-23, 1981
US Army Research Office, held at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC


Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Robert E. Bechhofer, Cornell University

Short Course on Quality Control (Title Only), October 19-20, 1981, P.N. Ghare and D.R. Jensen

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Recent Developments in Discrete Distributions (Keynote) Norman L. Johnson
Robustness of Sequential Exponential Life Testing Procedures for Restricted Classes of Distributions (Title Only) Nozer D. Singpurwalla
Comparing Several Groups in a Two-Way Layout Setting Douglas A. Wolfe
Application of Exploratory Data Analysis Techniques in More Complex Models (Title Only) David C. Hoaglin
On Regenerative Processes in Discrete Time Walter L. Smith

Contributed Papers

Title Author
The U.S. Army (BRL’s) Kinetic Energy Penetrator Problem: Estimating the Probability of Response for a Given Stimulus Thomas A. Mazzuchi and Nozer D. Singpurwalla
On the AMSAA Reliability Growth Model for One-Shot Systems (Title Only) in “Product Assurance” Larry H. Crow and William P. Clay
Reliability Growth Experience for U.S. Army Missile Systems (Title Only) in “Product Assurance” Robert Mioduski
Supermartingales and Criteria for Recurrence and Transience of Markov Chains Mary Anne Maher
Evaluation of Parameters in AMRA Analysis of Time Series by a Least Chi-Square Method Richard L. Moore and Francis J. Luzzi
An Application of Renewal Theory to Software Reliability Leonard A. Stefanski
Confidence Bounds on the Mission Reliability of Systems with Non-constant failure rate (Title Only) in “Product Assurance” George M. Hanna et al.
Methodology for Estimating Mission Availability and Reliability for a Multimodal System in “Product Assurance” Henry P. Betz
Reliability Predictions for Black Hawk Production Aircraft in “Product Assurance” Clarke J. Fox
Potential Military Applications of Two-Phase Sampling Patrick D. Allen and Stephen M. Rasey
Empirical and Theoretical Comparison of Several Variance Estimators in Survey Sampling (Title Only) Chien-Fu Wu
Design of a Multiple Sample Westenberg Type Test for Small Sample Sizes James R. Knaub, Jr.
Error Propagation in Physical Models Jerry Thomas and J. Richard Moore
Error Models for Radiosonde Height Indexing and Wind Velocity Determinations (Title Only) Walter B. Miller
A Data Based Random Number Generator for a Multivariate Distribution James R. Thompson and Malcolm S. Taylor
The TRASANA Terrain Research Program Warren K. Olson and Donald Hue McCoy
Inference on a Future Reliability Parameter with the Weibull Process Model Grady Miller
A Comparison of Methods for Lower Confidence Limits in the Reliability of Series Systems (Title Only) Bernard Harris and Andrew Soms
Examination of Size Effects in the Failure Prediction of Ceramic Material D.M. Neal and E.M. Lenoe
Statistical Testing of Large Complex Computer Simulation Models Carl B. Bates
Selling a Complicated Experimental Design to the Field Test Operator Carl T. Russell
Forces due to Ice-Structure Interaction (Title Only) Devinder Singh Sodhi

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Irregularities in the Error Analysis of a Piece-wise Continuous Function Paul H. Thrasher
Specifying a Detectable 3-Factor Interaction with the Non-Central F Walter D. Foster and Jack L. Wray
Should Criteria for Field Tests Be Formulated as Statistical Hypotheses? Carl T. Russell
Long-Term Storage of Army Rations Edward W. Ross, Jr.
Assuring Quality Through Ballistic Testing Michael P. McMiller
A Mathematical Basis for Tracking Maneuvering Aircraft with Doppler Radar Donald W. Rankin