Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 28-30, 1992
RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA



Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Malcolm S. Taylor, U.S. Army Research Office

Short Course on Statistics for Spatial Data (Title Only), October 26-27, 1992, Noel Cressie

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Modeling and Simulation in the Military: Statistical Issues and Opportunities (Keynote) Donald P. Gaver
Models for Assessing the Reliability of Computer Software Nozer D. Singpurwalla and Simon P. Wilson
The Minimum Description Length (MDL) Principle – A Tutorial James J. Rissanen
Chaotic Systems and Statistics (Title Only) L. Mark Berliner

Contributed Papers

Title Author
A Comparative Study of Boresight Devices for Tank Cannon David W. Webb and Bruce J. Held
The Rank Transformation in Balanced Incomplete Block Designs W.J. Conover
The Application of Meta-Analysis to Army Issues Carl B. Bates and Franklin E. Womack
Total Time on Test Function Orthogonal Components and Tests of Exponentiality W.D. Kaigh and Alexander K. White
Determination of the Economic Acceptable Quality Level (EAQL) J. Steve Caruso
Some Problems of Estimation and Testing in Multivariate Statistical Process Control Martin Lawera and James R. Thompson
Problems in Army Logistics (Title Only) in “Logistics” C. Terry Chase
Analysis of C-141 Depot Maintenance Activities (Title Only) in “Logistics” James Chrissis
Trend Detection of Military Spare Parts Demand Data (Title Only) in “Logistics” Barnard H. Bissinger
Statistical Methods Applied to Vocational Counseling Data Obtained from Army Veterans (Poster) Gene Dutoit and John Mobley
Approximate One-Sided Tolerance Limits for a Mixed Model with a Nested Random Effect Mark G. Vangel
Determination of Camouflage Effectiveness of Small Area Camouflage Covers (SACC) By Ground Observers Using the Method of Limits George Anitole, Ronald L. Johnson, and Christopher J. Neubert
An Exploratory Algorithm for the Estimation of Mode Location and Numerosity in Multidimensional Data Marc N. Elliott and James R. Thompson
A New Course on the Design of Simulation Experiments (Title Only) Russell R. Barton
Sample-Weighted Average of Vectors Aivars Celmins
The Strata of Random Mappings (Title Only) Bernard Harris
Easy-to-Apply Results for Establishing Convergence of Markov Chains in Bayesian Analysis Krisha B. Athreya, Hani Doss, and Jayaram Sethuraman
Assessment of Helicopter Component Statistical Reliability Computations Donald Neal and William Matthews

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Sampling Problems Pertaining to the Number of Replications for Stochastic Simulation Models William E. Baker, David W. Webb, and Lawrence D. Losie
Formalizing the Determination of Spall Cone Angle Barry A. Bodt
Probability of Recognition Analysis in Degraded Environments (Title Only) Samuel Frost
Jump Characterization Test Charles E. Heatwole