US Army Conference on Applied Statistics
October 22-24, 1997
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA



Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to William J. Conover, Texas Tech University

Short Course on Virtual Reality and Scientific Visualization (Title Only), October 20-21, 1997, Edward Wegman and Dan Carr

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Kruskal-Wallis, Multiple Comparisons, and Efron Dice (Keynote, Title Only) Thomas Hettmansperger
Model Robust Regression: Motivation, Results, and Applications (Title Only) Jeffrey Birch and James E. Mays
Building Reliable, Interpretable Models Using Neural Networks (Title Only) Lyle H. Ungar
Simpson’s Paradox and Its Practical Implications (Title Only) Judea Pearl
Bayesian Statistics: Attitudes and Methods (Title Only) Donald Berry
Nonparametric Discriminant Analysis in High Dimensions via Generalized Interpoint Distances (Title Only) Carey E. Priebe
Novel Visual Representations of Movement (Title Only) J. David Cooke
Recent Developments in Robust Design (Title Only) Eric Lagergren

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Split-Plot Designs for Experiments that Augment Operational Flight Tests with Digital Simulations (Title Only) Frank B. Gray
Development of Inference Algorithms for Worldwide Application of Standard Digital Terrain Data to the NATO Mobility Model (Title Only) C. Denise Bullock and Nancy A. Renfroe
A Methodology for Evaluating Prediction Uncertainty (Title Only) Michael D. McKay
Robust Adaptive Beamforming for Spatially Spread Sources (Title Only) Kristine L. Bell and Harry L Van Trees
DOA Estimation with Hexagonal Arrays (Title Only) Zhi Tian and Harry L. Van Trees
A Calibration Study of the Mobile Army Camouflage Evaluation (MACE) System Using Human Camouflage Effectiveness Judgments Kragg P. Kysor, Jock O. Grynovicki, and Michael G. Golden
Detecting and Identifying Interaction in a Two-Way Layout with One Observation Per Cell Robert L. Launer
The Upside-Down Funnel (Title Only) Barney Bissinger and John Boyarski
Exploration of Satellite Images in the Dynamically Linked ARCVIEW/XGOBI/XPLORE Environment Juergen Symanzik, Dianne Cook, Sigbert Klinke, and N. Lewin
Adventures in Discriminant Analysis (Title Only) David Marchette and Jeff Solka
Combinatorial Tests for Validation of Cluster Analyses (Title Only) Bernie Harris
Best Subset Selection Using a Two Stage Genetic Algorithm (Title Only) Bradley C. Wallet
Visual Exploration of Spatial Data with MANET Adalbert F.X. Wilhelm
Soft Computing, Modeling and Function Approximation (Title Only) Thomas Sudkamp
Fuzzy Control of Robot Communications Aivars Celmins
Applications of Fuzzy Logic to Statistical Analyses (Title Only) Dan Ralescu
Real-Time Animation of Particle Behaviors Jim X. Chen and Edward J. Wegman
Was Einstein Right? Henry C. Alberts
Predictive Statistical Process Control for the Military David H. Olwell
Methodology for Assessing the Contribution of Digitization in the Battlefield (Title Only) Michael Golden, Jock O. Grynovicki, Kragg Kysor, and Madeline Swann
Regions of Interest Identification in Aerial Imagery (Title Only) Jeff Solka
Using Pearson and Spearman Statistics to Look for a Dependence Relationship Between Two Variables Lorrie L. Hoffman and Dan Corson
The Joint Distribution of the Mean and an Extremum of a Normal Sample, With Applications to Quality Control Mark G. Vangel
Approximate Quantiles for the Multivariate Studentized Range in the Case of Three Unequal Groups Otto Schwalb and James R. Thompson
An Image-Based Grand Tour Applied to Mine-Field Detection (Title Only) Wendy Poston and Ed Wegman