US Army Conference on Applied Statistics
October 21-23, 1998
New Mexico State University, Las Cruses, NM and US TRAC-WSMR, White Sands, NM



Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Robert L. Launer, U.S. Army Research Office

Short Course on Bayesian Statistical Inference: Principles, Techniques, and Applications (Title Only), October 19-20, 1998, Nozer Singpurwalla

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Data, Models, Reality: Statisticians in the New Age (Keynote) James R. Thompson
Scenario Analysis in U.S. Army Decision Making Richard Laferrierre and Stephen Robinson
Exploring a Syntactical Structure of Features in Imagery John Bart Wilburn
Linear Data Fusion Francisco J. Samaniego, Duane L. Steffey, and Hien Tran
Some Graphics for Logistic Regression Sanford Weisberg
Matched Filters and Hidden Markov Models with Distributed Observation Boris L. Rozovsky and S. Kligys

Contributed Papers

Title Author
The Use of Cognitive Processing Adaptive to Decision Making in the JWARS Project Charles R. Leake
Rapid Force Projection Initiative Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (RFPI ACTD) – The Experimental Path and Slides Paul J. Deason and Greg B. Tackett
Empirical Performance of Some Tests of Hypothesis on CASTFOREM Output Patrick D. Cassady
An Application of Mixed Models for Comparing Accuracy from Two Types of Firing Platforms David W. Webb and Thomas Mathew
Minimum-Percentage-Error Regression Under Zero-Bias Constraints Stephen A. Book and Norman Y. Lao
Gauss’s Adjustment Errors in 1799 Aivars Celmins
Methodology for Assessing the Contribution of Digitization in the Battlefield (Title Only) Michael Golden, Jock O. Grynovicki, Kragg Kysor, and Madeline Swann
An Overview of Statistical Approaches in Natural Language Processing (Title Only) in “Statistical Issues in Natural Language” Philip Resnik
Constructing Bayesian Networks from WordNet for Word-Sense Disambiguation: Representational and Processing Issues in “Statistical Issues in Natural Language” Janyce Wiebe, Tom O’Hara, and Rebecca Bruce
Statistical Techniques in Multilingual Document Image Analysis (Title Only) in “Statistical Issues in Natural Language” Judith Hochbert
The Advanced Warfighting Experiments (AWE): Where Do We Go from Here? (Title Only) in “Inference Based on Combat Simulations” Tom Lucas
Using Experimental Design to Minimize Runs for Verification and Validation of Large-Scale Simulations (Title Only) in “Inference Based on Combat Simulations” Tom Curry
Modeling and Simulation Techniques Used for the Analyzing Digitization of the Battlefield (Title Only) in “Inference Based on Combat Simulations” Kevin Young
Assessing the Utility of Digitization Options for the Army: Problems and Opportunities in “Inference Based on Combat Simulations” Philip Beaver
Assessing Tradeoffs Between Sensor Dwell Times and Frequency of Revisit (Title Only) Don Barr
Reliability Test Design and Test-Design Evaluation Tool (Title Only) Michael Cushing and John Sereno
A Pansophic Approach for Reliability Testing of Complex Systems (Title Only) Mohammad (Mike) H. Danesh
Human Factors Issues Evaluation During the 4th Infantry Division XXI Advanced Warfighting Experiment (DAWE) Jock O. Grynovicki, Kragg P. Kysor, Michael Golden, Madeline Swann, Shamin Rashid, and Tony Ward
A Framework for Model Validation Robert G. Easterling
Modeling Error in Probability-of-Kill Tables (Title Only) Alyson Gabbard Wilson
A Bayesian Approach to Target Value Analysis (Title Only) Douglas H. Frank and Ann Brodeen
Selection of a Prior for Rare-Event Probability Assessment (Title Only) Robert Launer
Directional SPC: A Multivariate Nonparametric SPC Technique for Detecting Directional Process Changes Burak Birgoren and Russell R. Barton
Combining Data from Multiple Sources to Compute Prediction and Tolerance Bounds (Title Only) Jonathan F. Blinkley
Using Logistic Regression to Evaluate Gender Related Efficacy Differences to Mosquito Repellent Data Claudia F. Golenda and J. Robert Burge
TOBIT Analysis for Hypothesis Testing with Left-Censored Data (Title Only) Joan U. Clarke
Conformation in Metric Pattern Theory (Title Only) Ulf Grenander and Jayaram Sethuraman
The Comparative Efficacy of Some Combinatorial Tests for Detection of Clusters and Mixtures of Probability Distributions Bernard Harris and Erhard Godehardt

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Evaluation of Embedded Machine Translation Systems (Title Only) Clare Voss
Issues in Language/Encoding Identification from CORPORA (Title Only) Jerry Geisler and Florence Reeder