US Army Conference on Applied Statistics
October 19-21, 1999
US Military Academy, West Point, NY

Hudson River Valley

The Fifth U.S. Army Conference on Applied Statistics was hosted by the United States Military Academy, West Point 19-21 October, 1999. The conference was co-sponsored by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL), the U.S. Army Research Office (ARO), the United States Military Academy (USMA), the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Analysis Center-White Sands Missile Range, the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR), and the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). Fifty people attended.

The fifth conference was preceded by a short course, “Data Mining with Decision Trees,” given by Wei-Yin Loh of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. The conference was opened by BG Fletcher M. Lamkin, Jr., Dean of the Academic Board, United States Military Academy, and conference host COL David C. Arney, Chair of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, United States Military Academy. Distinguished speakers during invited general sessions included: Edward Wegman (keynote), George Mason University, Jayaram Sethuraman, Florida State University, Ingram Olkin, Stanford University, Daryl Pregibon, ATT, Charles McCulloch, Cornell University, and David Banks, Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

Papers covered a range of topics. Data mining was most prevalent. Other talks included applications in image analysis, linear models, Bayesian methods, statistical process control, life testing, and field test assessment. An important moment in the conference was the awarding of the Army Wilks Award to Edward J. Wegman of the George Mason University.



Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Edward J. Wegman, George Mason University

Ed Wegman receives Wilks Award from Bob Launer

Short Course on Data Mining with Decision Trees (Title Only), October 17-18, 1999, Wei-Yin Loh

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Visual Data Mining (Keynote) Edward J. Wegman
Reduction in Predictive Ability Caused by Discretization of the Independent Variable J (Title Only) Jayaram Sethuraman
Methods for Combining the Results of Independent Studies (Title Only) Ingram Olkin
2001: A Statistical Odyssey (Title Only) Daryl Pregibon
An Introduction to Generalized Linear Mixed Models (Title Only) Charles McCulloch
Strategies for Data Mining David L. Banks

Contributed Papers

Title Author
A Methodology for Quantifying Critical Decision Events During the Execution Phase of Battle Jock Grynovicki, Kragg Kysor, and Michael Golden
Flexibility of Fractional Factorials in Field Tests Carl T. Russell
Statistics in the Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) Advanced Concepts Technology Demonstration (ACTD) Eugene Dutoit
Methods to Analyze the Effect of Decreasing Digital Image Resolution on Teledermatology Diagnosis Paul B. Hshieh, David Cruess, and Dennis A. Vidmar
TVA Using a Bayesian Approach with No Prior Information (Title Only) Doug Frank and Ann E.M. Brodeen
Membership Functions and Probability Measures of Fuzz Sets (Title Only) Nozer Singpurwalla
On Combining Information from Ordered Experiments Miguel A. Arcones, Paul H. Kvam, and Francisco J. Samaniego
Time Series Intervention Analyses of U.S. Cocaine Prices Samir Soneji, Robert Anthony, Arthur Fries, and Barry Crane
Protecting the Public: Applications of Statistical Process Control in Law Enforcement (Title Only) Dave Olwell and Rob Weitzman
Some Aspects of Dependent Failures and Their Statistical Analyses (Title Only) Bernie Harris
Disruptive Models (Title Only) Jim Thompson
A Simulation Process for Determining the Lifetime of the M60 Tank Torsion Bar (Title Only) Don Neal
Problem of Correlation in the Probabilistic Approach to Cost Analysis Stephen A. Book
Protecting the Force: Applications of Statistical Process Control in Bosnia (Title Only) Dave Olwell and Paul Finken

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Statistical Methods to Validate the National Missile Defense Battle Management Command and Control Software (Title Only) Alyson Wilson and Max Morris
Validation of a Life-Virtual Field Experiment Using Constructive Simulation and Slides Paul Deason
Testing for a Difference Between Two Variance Components Obtained from Dependent Data Sets David W. Webb
Optimizing a Target Detection Algorithm Through Use of a Receiver Operator Curve (Title Only) Barry A. Bodt, Philip J. David, and David B. Hillis