US Army Conference on Applied Statistics
October 17-19, 2007
Rice University held in Houston, TX

Welcome Letter

Call for Papers and General Conference Information

Program, Program in Brief, and Program at a Glance

Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Wei-Yin Loh, University of Wisconsin

Short Course “An Introduction to Network Analysis” Abstract and Schedule, October 15-16, 2007, Stan Wasserman and Ann McCranie

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Statistical Methods for Electronic Biosurveillance (Keynote) (Title Only) Ron Fricker
A Deeper Look into the Use of CBLA in Criminal Cases (Title Only) Karen Kafadar and Cliff Spiegelman
The Complexity Matching Effect (Title Only) Bruce West
Generalized Confidence Intervals for Some Bivariate Normal Problems (Title Only) Thomas Mathew
Heavy Traffic Analysis of Controlled Queuing Networks (Title Only) Amarjit Budhiraja
What is Manifold Learning? (Title Only) Mike Trosset

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Primum Non Nocere (Title Only) in “Statistics in Biodefense” James R. Thompson
Computational Modeling of a Botulinum Neurotoxin: Biowarfare Defense (Title Only) in “Statistics in Biodefense” James Briggs
Statistical Models for Protein Structural Alignment: Applications in Drug Design and Biodefense (Title Only) in “Statistics in Biodefense” Viacheslav Fofanov
JFIT: A Fitting Tool for Johnson Probability Density Function Fitting to Data (Title Only) Allan T. Mense and Jerry Alderman
A Multinomial-Dirichlet Model for Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (Title Only) Kristin A. Duncan and Jonathan Wilson
Studies in Military Medicine from the Center for Data Analysis and Statistics (CDAS) at West Point (Title Only) Rodney X. Sturdivant and Krista Watts
Neonatal Mortality as Function of Secular Events: Flaws and Dangers of Present Methods of Statistical Analysis (Title Only) Barbara P. Billauer
Histogramming in the Streaming Environment (Title Only) in “Methods for the Analysis of Streaming Data” Arnaldo Horta and Joseph McCloskey
Cascaded Classifiers for Adaptive Stream Mining (Title Only) in “Methods for the Analysis of Streaming Data” Deepak Turaga and Olivier Verscheure
Smoothed Histograms on Irregular Meshes with Streaming Data (Title Only) in “Methods for the Analysis of Streaming Data” David W. Scott
A Useful Combinatorial Identity (Title Only) Bernard Harris
Optimal Delayed Control of Stochastic Systems (Title Only) Mou-Hsiung (Harry) Chang
Projections for a Stockpile with Potential to Degrade (Title Only) Scott Vander Wiel, Todd Graves, Shane Reese, and Alyson Wilson
Performance Prediction Combining Environmental and Cultural Factors: Grid-Group Cmα (Title Only) Katie Grantham Lough, Warren Noll, Robert Woodley, and Dan Krus
People of Army Statistics: Stories and Surprises (Banquet) (Title Only) David (Chris) Arney
Determining Failure Probabilities by Density Estimation of a One Parameter Exponential Model (Title Only) Kyle A Caudle
On the Optimal Allocation of Components within Coherent Systems (Title Only) D. Bhattacharya and Francisco J. Samaniego
Lloyd Failure Discounting and “Magical” Reliability Growth Models (Title Only) Arthur Fries
A Large Sample Confidence Interval for Variance (Title Only) Douglas H. Frank
Use of a Lumbar Support in Relieving and Preventing Lower Back Pain in Helicopter Crews (Title Only) Krista Watts, Rodney X. Sturdivant, Nicholas Piantanida, and Geoffrey Phillips
Shoulder Dislocation in Active Duty U.S. Military Personnel (Title Only) Robert E. Burks, Krista Watts, and Rodney X. Sturdivant
Statistics, Rice & the DoD (Luncheon) (Title Only) Kathy Ensor
Probabilistic Framework for Detecting and Tracking Hostile Intentions in the Hats World (Title Only) in “Event Pattern Recognition for Counter-Terrorism” Paul Cohen and Aram Galstyan
Speed-up of Nonlinear Filters: New Approaches (Title Only) in “Event Pattern Recognition for Counter-Terrorism” Boris Rozovskii
Decentralized Quickest Change Detection in Distributed Sensor Systems with Applications to Information Assurance and Counter Terrorism (Title Only) in “Event Pattern Recognition for Counter-Terrorism” Alexander Tartakovsky
Semiparametric Sequential Optimal Designs for Generalized Linear Models (Title Only) Joseph D. Warfield and Anindya Roy
Variability Analysis for Design of Complex Systems (Title Only) William Thomas
The Search for Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Anomalies (Title Only) Michael D. Porter
Simple Robust Strategies for Portfolio Design (Title Only) James R. Thompson and L. Scott Baggett
Regression and Variable Selection in Large p, Small n Problems (Title Only) Wei-Yin Loh
Anti-American Attitudes in the Islamic World: An Analysis Using CART Models (Title Only) Giacomo Chiozza
Assessment of Risk Associated with Safe Operations of Unmanned Ground Systems (Title Only) Barry A. Bodt