US Army Conference on Applied Statistics
October 22-24, 2008
Virginia Military Institute, held in Lexington, VA

Welcome Letter

Call for Papers

Program and Program in Brief

Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Francisco J. Samaniego, University of California, Davis

Short Course “An Introduction to R” Abstract and List of R Packages, October 20-21, 2008, Diane Cook

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Risk and Extremes (Keynote) (Title Only) Richard L Smith
Applications of a Probability Programming Language (Title Only) Andrew G. Glen, Diane Evans, John Drew, and Larry Leemis
Text Mining and Social Networks: Some Unexpected Connections (Title Only) Edward Wegman
Breaking the (Benford) Law: Statistical Fraud Detection (Title Only) Wendy Tam Cho
Ranked Set Sampling: What, Why, When, and How (Title Only) Doug Wolfe

Contributed Papers

Title Author
A College for the Future: General Francis H. Smith and the Creation of the Virginia Military Institute (Banquet) (Title Only) Edward L. Dooley, Jr.
Compression and Analysis of Golden Gate Bridge Sensor Data (Title Only) in “Statistics and Stochastics for Network Science” Bin Yu
Energy-efficient Multi-target Tracking Using Sensor Networks (Title Only) in “Statistics and Stochastics for Network Science” Venu Veeravalli
Network Routing in a Dynamic Environment (Title Only) in “Statistics and Stochastics for Network Science” Nozer D. Singpurwalla
Dynamic Network Science: Stochastic Modeling and Statistical Analysis (Title Only) in “Statistics and Stochastics for Network Science” Gangaram Ladde
Technology Tensors in “Mitigation of Technology Surprise” (Title Only) Steve Thompson
Semantic Analysis of the Term-Document Matrix (Title Only) in “Mitigation of Technology Surprise” Avory Bryant
Trend Analysis for the Mitigation of Technology Surprise (Title Only) in “Mitigation of Technology Surprise” Nick Tucey
Multiagency Coordination and Response: Case Study of the London Tube Bombings (Title Only) in “Risk Analysis for the Military” Joe Eyerman
Adversarial Risk Analysis (Title Only) in “Risk Analysis for the Military” David Banks
Statistical Issues in Soft Error Rate Estimation (Title Only) in “Risk Analysis for the Military” Sarah Michalak, Michael Hamada, and Nick Hengartner
Global Warming as a Problem in Statistical Physics (Title Only) Bruce West
An Automated Tool for Developing Experimental Designs: CADRE (Title Only) Robert C. Williges and Sam Middlebrooks
Fusion of Asynchronous Parallel Unreliable Data Streams (Title Only) Ann E.M. Bornstein, John H. Brand, and Michelle C. McVey
Optimal Fits to Lambda Distributions (Title Only) Jerry Alderman and Allan T. Mense
Two Useful Descriptive Statistical Techniques (Title Only) Carl T. Russell
A Brief History of DoD Data Analysis and Statistical Modeling (Title Only) James R. Thompson
Hybrid Influence Diagrams for Threat Identification (Title Only) Barry R. Cobb
A Comparison of Major Machine Learning Methods in Classification of Anthrax Time Series from Inhalation Anthrax Models (Title Only) Rui Xu, Robert S. Woodley, and Donald C. Wunsch II
Correct Specification of Bayes Hierarchical Models (Title Only) Jayaram Sethuraman
A Family of Combinatorial Identities with Applications (Title Only) Bernard Harris
From Wealth to Democracy? An Analysis Using Multi-State Event History Models (Title Only) Carol Atkinson and Giacomo Chiozza
A Reliability Growth Simulation Test Bed (Title Only) Paul Ellner and Martin Wayne
Detecting Tiny Signals in Massive Data: The Dual of the Problem Addressed by Robust Methods (Title Only) Karen Kafadar and Robert L. Jacobsen
Comparing the Johnson and Generalized Lambda Distributions (Title Only) Allan T. Mense, Jerry Alderman, and David King
Streaming Poisson Data (Title Only) David W. Scott
Small Arms Dust Test Reliability Analysis Approach (Title Only) Kristin Hogg and Andrew Rose
Scan Statistics for Bio-Warfare Monitoring (Title Only) George Terrell
Unusual and Statistically Significant Changes in Age-distribution of Last Year’s Influenza Epidemic (Similar to the Spanish Flu) Warrants Re-evaluation of Vaccine Prioritization Policy (Title Only) Barbara Billauer
New Developments in Classification Trees (Title Only) Wei-Yin Loh
Missile Battery Experiment (Title Only) William C. Thomas
Data Augmentation for Quantal Response Estimation (Title Only) David W. Webb and Scott E. Schoenfeld
On Estimating Component Characteristics from System Failure-Time Data (Title Only) Francisco J. Samaniego
Complex Dependence Structure and its Effect on Risk Assessment (Title Only) Katherine B. Ensor
A Field Test of an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (Title Only) Barry A. Bodt
Netcentric Systems Evaluations (Title Only) Jock O. Grynovicki