US Army Conference on Applied Statistics
October 22-24, 2009
Arizona State University, held in Tempe, AZ

Welcome Letter

Call for Papers

Program and Program in Brief

Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Donald P. Gaver, Naval Postgraduate School

Short Course “Categorical Data Analysis” Abstract, October 19-20, 2009, Brian D. Marx

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Combinatorial Stochastic Processes and Bayesian Nonparametrics (Keynote) (Title Only) Michael Jordan
Modern Experimental Design Methods (Title Only) Douglas C. Montgomery
Spinning Heads and Spinning News: The Use and Abuse of Statistics in the Media (Title Only) Rebecca Goldin
Graphical Data Explorations of Very Large Databases: The ASA Data Expo 2009 (Title Only) Heike Hofmann

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Title Unavailable (Banquet) Sarah Bradon
Beyond Correlation: Examining Causality with Agent-based Hypothesis Instantiation (Title Only) in “Agent Based Modeling and Simulation” Gary An
Measures of Tipping Points, Robustness, and Path Dependence (Title Only) in “Agent Based Modeling and Simulation” Aaron Bramson
Combining ABM and Behavioral Experiments (Title Only) in “Agent Based Modeling and Simulation” Marco Janssen
An Accumulate-toward-the-Mode Approach to Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests and an Application to Binomially Distributed Data (Title Only) in “Army Challenges for Statistics” Dwayne Nuzman
Confidence Interval Methodology for Ratio Means (CIM4RM) (Title Only) in “Army Challenges for Statistics” John Nierwinski, Jr.
Periodic Spatio-Temporal Improvised Explosive Device Attack Pattern Analysis (Title Only) in “Army Challenges for Statistics” Matthew Benigni and Reinhard Furrer
Text Data Mining for Better Understanding of the Science and Technology Landscape (Title Only) in “Text and Data Mining with Applications” Jeffrey L. Solka, Nick Tucey, and Avory Bryant
Feature Selection for Complex Systems (Title Only) in “Text and Data Mining with Applications” George Runger and Eugene Tuv
Approaches to Text Mining that Preserve Semantic Content (Title Only) in “Text and Data Mining with Applications” Yasmin Said
An Approach to Corroborating the Impact of Recruit Quality and Recruiting Mission on Resource Requirements (Title Only) Robert Clemence, Jeremy Heusner, Robert Love, Raissa Nourieva, and Meredith Sachs
Assessing Management and Statistical Risks in the OCONUS Immersion Experiment with Variations of Cohen’s d (effect size) as a Tool for Decision-making (Title Only) Raymond T. Mirikitani
Predicting Linguists’ Training Outcomes with Linear Regression Models Constructed Using a Single and Double Cross-validation Design (Title Only) Raymond T. Mirikitani
Mine Clearing Efficiency Analysis (Title Only) Rebecca E. Wentz
Information Exchange Between Complex Networks (Title Only) Bruce J. West
A Control-Stopping Differential Game for Stochastic Systems with Memory (Title Only) Mou-Hsiung (Harry) Chang
Power Electronics System Compatibility Assessment using Statistical Design Methods (Title Only) Sydney Lofton and William C. Thomas
General Orthogonal Solutions in Multivariate Regression (Title Only) Jerry Alderman and William C. Thomas
Robust Estimation of Mixtures of Heavy-tailed Distributions (Title Only) A.M. Santos and Karen Kafadar
Statistical Issues in the Comparison of Multi-dimensional Profiles (Title Only) Karen Kafadar
Overview of Modeling and Analyzing Complex System Reliability Using the Los Alamos Developed Software Tool, SRFYDO (Title Only) Christine M. Anderson-Cook
Oh Say Can You GEE: Analysis of Visual Acuity Data (Title Only) Robyn Lee, Brian Hatch, David Hilber, James Elledge, and James Stout
Variable Selection in Nonparametric Regression with Very Many Noise Variables (Title Only) Wei-Yin Loh
Regression-Based Inverse Distance Weighting with Applications to Computer Experiments (Title Only) V. Roshan Joseph and Lulu Kang
Conditional Logistic Modeling for Unbalanced Nested Case Control Studies with Bias Correction (Title Only) Yuanzhang Li, David Cowan, Robert Yolken, Natalya Weber, and David Niebuhr
Bayesian Reliability Analysis: The Concept of Borrowing Power (Title Only) David King, Charles A. Pace, Allan T. Mense, Gary Glover, and Benny Phillips
Laser Scanner Certification Study for Body Armor Back Face Deformation Measurement (Title Only) Barbara J. Gillich, W. Scott Walton, Craig Miser, Adam Fournier, Jeffrey Hosto, Jeffrey Huber, Ward Boughers, and Craig Andres
Image Fusion and the Method of Paired Comparisons: Experiments, Evaluation, and Open Questions (Title Only) Murray Loew, James Bonick, and Clarence Walters
Graph Theoretical Methods for Cluster Verification (Title Only) Bernard Harris
The Joint Signature of Systems with Shared Components (Title Only) Francisco J. Samaniego
Decision Support – Statistical Analysis of Seismic Stabilization Slurry Walls (Title Only) Kathleen E. Lust, Geoffrey J. Henggeler, and Kelly D. Moses
Comparison of Prediction Accuracy of Surrogate Models Developed Using Nested Latin Hypercube Designs - “How Many Simulation Experiments Do I Need to Run?” (Title Only) Tom Donnelly
Length Bias in the Measurements of Carbon Nanotubes (Title Only) Paul Kvam
Optimizing Computer Networks for Robustness and Efficiency (Title Only) Edward J. Wegman, Hadi Rezazad, and Roger W. Shores
Bayesian Reliability Analysis: A Tool for the Analyst (Title Only) Allan T. Mense, David King, Charles A. Pace, Benny Phillips, and Garry Glover
A Probabilistic Approach to Extracting Symbols from Blueprints (Title Only) Richard Warren and Robert S. Woodley
Stochastic Modeling and Applications (Title Only) G.S. Ladde and Ling Wu
A Computer-Aided D-Optimal Design for Improving Ballistic Performance (Title Only) David W. Webb and Brian M. Powers