US Army Conference on Applied Statistics
October 19-21, 2011
US Naval Academy, held in Annapolis, MD


Call for Papers

Program and Program at a Glance


Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Bruce J. West, US Army Research Office

Short Course “Logistic Regression” Abstract, October 17-18, 2011, Rodney Sturdivant

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Army Network Science and Statistics (Keynote) Abstract Bruce J. West
Social Media and the Egyptian Revolution (Title Only) Maksim Tsvetovat
Heavy Tailed Statistics for Modeling Data Network Sessions Abstract Sidney Resnick
Vertex Nomination Abstract Carey E. Priebe
Nested Latin Hypercube Designs Abstract Peter Qian
Info-Metrics and Estimation of Extreme Events Abstract Amos Golan

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Network Modeling of Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency Strategies and Operations Abstract Chris Arney and Kathryn Coronges
Mathematical Classification of Computational Trust Models Abstract Craig Lennon
A Mathematical Model of Network Communication Abstract James Gatewood and Donald Drew
Trends in the Incidence of Traumatic Brain Injury and Related Conditions Among Active Duty U.S. Military Personnel between 1997 and 2007 Abstract in “Army Applications” Kenneth L. Cameron, Stephen W. Marshall, Andrew E. Lincoln, and Rodney X. Sturdivant
Analyzing the Effectiveness of Commander’s Emergency Relief Program (CERP) Spending in Iraq and Afghanistan Abstract in “Army Applications” Christopher Eastburg, Benjamin Thirey, and Nicholas Clark
Applications of the Infinite Bootstrap: The Spare Tire Problem Abstract in “Army Applications” Christopher Marks, Kevin Cummiskey, Billy Kaczynski, and Andrew Glen
Measuring Cooperation in Networks Abstract Elisha Peterson
Modeling Cooperation in Networks, Organizations, and Systems Abstract Brian MacDonald, Chris Arney, and Elisha Peterson
A Network View of Pessimism in Military Units Abstract Evan Szablowski and Kate Coronges
A Spectral Technique to Explore the Asymmetric Flow of Information in Directed Networks Abstract Karl Rohe and Bin Yu
Inferences for Matched Case-control and Stratified Semiparametric Two-sample Density Ratio Models Abstract Tianqing Liu, Zhaohai Li, and Yuanzhang Li
Analysis of Massive Microarray Data for Understanding Effects of Water Environments to Beetle Tissues Abstract Guilherme V. Rocha, Karen Kafadar, Armin Moczek, Teija Kijimoto, Emilie Snell-Rood, and Justen Andrews
Design of Genomic Studies Using the Square Combining Table Abstract Karen Kafadar and Guilherme V. Rocha
Detection of Subgroups for Differential Treatment Effects Abstract Wei-Yin Loh
Combinatorial Framework for the Modeling and Solution of Probabilistic Optimization Problems Abstract Miguel A. Lejeune
Stochastic Network Design for Disaster Preparedness Abstract Xing Hong, Miguel A. Lejeune, and Nilay Noyan Sabanci
Evaluating the Validity of Probability Assessments in Strategic and Realistic Environments Abstract Prashant Doshi, Adam Goodie, Daniel Hall, Matthew Meisel and Roi Ceren
Stochastic Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling and Its Military Applications Abstract Haitao Li and Keith Womer
Imputation of Missing Round Data with Acoustic Target Systems to Estimate Dispersion Characteristics Abstract Craig D. Andres, Jenna L. Preston, and Paul S. Kruse
Statistical Methods of Target Impact Dispersion Metric for Small-Arms MIL-HDBK Development Abstract Douglas Ray and Chad Bareither
Aluminum 7020-T651 Characteristics and Ballistic Protection, with Regression Statistics of 5083 and 7039 Aluminum, and RHA Steel Abstract John F. Chinella
The Application of Statistical Equivalence Testing by a Military Operational Test Agency Abstract Brittney Cates
Pushing Geospatial Analytics to the Edge Abstract Christopher Eastburg
An Analysis of Crime Using High Dimensional and Collinear Predictors Abstract Nicholas Clark
Mixed Hidden Markov Models for Joint Outcomes Abstract John C. Jackson
Density Dependent Utilities with Transaction Costs Abstract Julius N. Esunge and Eriyoti Chikodza
Network Routing in an Adversarial Environment Abstract in “Game Theory” Nozer Singpurwalla
Game Theory for Security: Lessons Learned from Deployed Applications Abstract in “Game Theory” Milind Tambe
A Stochastic Differential Game for the Infinity Laplacian Abstract in “Game Theory” Amarjit Budhiraja
Defending Critical Infrastructure Systems Abstract in “Game Theory” David Alderson
Prediction of Remaining Life of a Fleet of Assets Based on Left Truncated and Right Censored Lifetime Data Abstract in “Reliability” William Q. Meeker
The Failure Rate of Mixtures Abstract in “Reliability” Henry W. Block
Estimating Component Characteristics Based on Lifetime Data from Multiple Systems Abstract in “Reliability” Francisco J. Samaniego
A Decision Theoretic Approach to Stochastic Linear Programming Abstract Joshua Landon and Nozer Singpurwalla
Stable Matchings with Additional Objectives Abstract Craig Lennon
A Mixed-integer Programming Model for Enforcing Priority List Policies in Markov Decision Process Models Abstract Laura A. McLay
Recent Advances in Reliability-Based Design Optimization for Broader Army Applications Abstract K.K. Choi, Ikjin Lee, Liang Zhao, Yoojeong Noh, David Gorsich, and David Lamb
Maintainability Data Decision Methodology (MDDM) Abstract John Nierwinski, Jr.
The Navy Officer Lateral Transfer Process and Retention: A Matched Analysis Abstract Yevgeniya (Jane) Pinelis and Ann Parcell
A Statistical Analysis of Proposed Military Retirement Plans Abstract Joseph Lucas, Kevin Cummiskey, and Robert Wooster
Large Fractional Factorial DIODE DOE Abstract Curt Laumann and Bill Thomas
Design of Experiments in Highly Constrained Design Spaces Abstract Laura J. Freeman
Prioritizing Unaided Human Search in Military Simulations Abstract James K. Starling
Distributed Modal Identification Using Restricted Auto-Regressive Models Abstract Guilherme V. Rocha, Shamim Pakzad, and Bin Yu
Symbolic ARMA Model Analysis Abstract Keith H. Webb and Lawrence M. Leemis
A New General Purpose Method of Time Series Forecasting Abstract Michael Frey and Kyle Caudle

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Evaluation of Weapon System Performance in a Limited-Data Environment: Estimating the Probability of Engagement Success (PES) for Missile Defense System Abstract Carl C. Gaither, III, Kenneth Brown, Dawn Loper, Michael Luhman, Jasmina Marsh, and Robert Salow
Uninformative Confidence Bands in a Probit Analysis Abstract David W. Webb