US Army Conference on Applied Statistics
October 24-26, 2012
Naval Postgraduate School, held in Monterey, CA



Call for Papers



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to C.F. Jeff Wu, Georgia Institute of Technology

Short Course “Statistics for Spatio-Temporal Data” Abstract, October 22-23, 2012, Christopher K. Wikle

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Three-phase Optimal Design of Sensitivity Experiments (Keynote) Abstract C.F. Jeff Wu
How to Complete the Incomplete: A Statistical Antidote for Incomplete Data Sets Abstract Ofer Harel
Designing Observational Studies to Avoid Being Misled Abstract Thomas E. Love
Extracting communities from networks Abstract Ji Zhu

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Lessons Learned during the Test and Evaluation of Reliability Growth Programs Abstract in “Reliability Growth” Robert N. Tamburello and Michael J. Cushing
A Dynamic Competing Risk Model and Its Implications Programs Abstract in “Reliability Growth” Owen S. Martin
Statistical Inference for a Parametric Model for Repairable Systems under Multiple Failure Modes Abstract in “Reliability Growth” Ananda Sen
Measuring R50 in Aircraft Radar Blip Scan Data: Lessons Learned in Increasing Analysis Rigor Abstract Todd Remund and Jeff Weisz
Confidence Intervals for Binary Responses – R50 and the Logistic Model Abstract Arnon Hurwitz
Detection of Changes in Resilience and Level of Coordination in Terrorist Groups Abstract Vasanthan Raghavan, Aram Galstyan, and Alexander G. Tartakovsky
A Bayesian Approach to Evaluation of Land Warfare Systems Abstract Lee S. Dewald, Sr., Robert Holcomb, Sam Parry, and Alyson Wilson
Statistical Models for Combining Information: Stryker Reliability Case Study Abstract Rebecca Dickinson, Laura Freeman, and Alyson Wilson
F-16 Radar Performance Analysis – Do Bayesian Hierarchical Models Provide Better Insight into System Characterization than Standard Techniques? Abstract James Brownlow
DaViTo: An Open-Source Mapping, Graphics, and Analysis Tool Abstract Sam Buttrey, James Henry, Lyn R. Whitaker, and Arnold Buss
Africa Knowledge, Data Source, and Analytic Effort Exploration Abstract Thomas Deveans
Regression trees for censored data with applications to subgroup identification Abstract Wei-Yin Loh
Accelerated Test Methods for Reliability Prediction Abstract David H. Collins, Jason K. Freels, Aparna V. Huzurbazar, Richard L. Warr, and Brian P. Weaver
On the “No-Internal-Zeros Conjecture” for system signatures in reliability Abstract Frank Samaniego
Operational Risk Analysis: New analysis methods for numerical and non-numerical survey responses Abstract Michele Wolfe
Speed vs. Accuracy, the Shooter’s Dilemma Abstract Benjamin Thirey and Christopher E. Marks
Measurement System Analysis and Applications to Improvements in Body Army Testing Abstract Sandra Meiselwitz and Barbara J. Gillich
Comparative Testing Abstract Jacob J. Warren
Demystifying Kriging Models with Massive Data Abstract in “Simulation Experiments and Efficient Design” Peter Z.G. Qian
Recent Breakthroughs in Large-Scale Simulation Studies Abstract in “Simulation Experiments and Efficient Design” Susan M. Sanchez, Thomas W. Lucas, Paul J. Sanchez, and Alejandro Hernandez
Sequential Importance Sampling for Rare Event Estimation with Computer Experiments Abstract in “Simulation Experiments and Efficient Design” Brian Williams
Propensity Score Analysis: Concepts, Issues, and Examples Abstract in “Design and Analysis of Observational Studies” Wei Pan
Designing observational studies to be more like randomized experiments Abstract in “Design and Analysis of Observational Studies” Mike Baiocchi
Continuous Updating Procedure for Flow Field Forecasting Abstract Kyle Caudle and Michael Frey
Computing POD for Structural Health Monitoring Systems Abstract Christine M. Schubert Kabban, Mark M. Derriso, and Brandon Greenwell
Recognition of Microcalcifications in Mammograms: Feature Extraction Abstract Ben Riggan, Wesley Snyder, Robert Basilico, Rita Freimanis, and Joseph Mammarappallil
Geographical Trends in Cancer Mortality: Using Spatial Smoothers and Methods for Adjustment Abstract Karen Kafadar
Lookahead or Lookback: A Hybrid Architecture in Approximate Dynamic Programming Abstract Haitao Li and Keith Womer
Made-to-Order Production Scheduling using Bayesian Updating Abstract Keith Womer, J. Camm, C. Osterman, R. Radhakrishnan, and Haitao Li
Uncertainty Quantification using Soft Information and Exponential Epi-Splines Abstract Johannes O. Royset and Roger J-B Wets
Developing Joint Model of Repeated Measure and Survival Outcome Abstract Jason Zhou, Harry Ji, and Yuanzhang Li
DOE and Tolerance Design for Antenna Design Abstract William C. Thomas
Applications of Clustered Designs Abstract Selden Crary
Verifying System Performance Using Designed Simulation Experiments Abstract Terril N. Hurst, Allan T. Mense, and Colin Pouchet
Threshold Boolean Reformulation of Probabilistic Constraints with Multi-Row Random Technology Matrix Abstract Miguel Lejeune and Alexander Kogan
An integrated model for locating and dispatching ambulances Abstract Laura A. McLay and Sardar Ansari
Characterizing Probability Distributions Using Econometric Concentrations Abstract Nozer D. Singpurwalla
Divisive normalization in neural circuits drives context-dependent choice Abstract Kenway Louie and Paul W. Glimcher
The role of incentive schemes in probability assessment under uncertainty Abstract Adam S. Goodie, Prashant Doshi, and Daniel G. Hall
Neurally-informed graph-based transductive models for rapid decision making Abstract Paul Sajda
Modeling Real and Artificial Neurons for Robot Control Abstract Holly Yanco and Abraham Shultz
Consensus, Control and Minority Opinion (Withdrawn) Abstract Bruce J. West
Achieving the First Reliability Benchmark of a Reliability Program Plan (Withdrawn) Abstract Nathan Herbert
Reliability Growth Projection Applicable to Multiple Units Under Test (Withdrawn) Abstract Paul Ellner and Martin Wayne
Discrete Approximations of Controlled Stochastic Systems with Memory (Withdrawn) Abstract Mou-Hsiung (Harry) Chang
A Robotic Trenching Capability Experiment (Withdrawn) Abstract Barry Bodt