Contributing an Abstract to ACAS


Abstracts may be submitted for consideration in a contributed or clinical session. Descriptions of both session types are given below. Each submission should contain the following information.

1. Title of paper and short abstract.

2. Name of author(s) and exact title of the organization.

3. Type of paper (technical or clinical).

4. Equipment needed (overhead, slide projector, etc.).

5. Telephone number of the author (DSN or commercial).

6. E-mail address of the author.

Submissions should arrive by 20 August to:

U.S. Army Research Laboratory
APG, MD 21005-5067

Submissions may also be e-mailed as an attachment to Barry Bodt, Note: MS Word attachments are most convenient.

Technical Papers

Contributed/technical papers can vary in content from new research to well-posed problems in which statistical methods are applied to solve specific Army problems. Speakers are strongly encouraged to present their papers in terms of the potential or real problems that motivated the work. Where the solution to a problem relies on relatively recent or specialized results in the theory of statistics and probability, these results should be explained or documented in sufficient detail to permit an audience of statistical practitioners with broadly varying backgrounds to utilize the results to enhance their problem solving capabilities.

Clinical Papers

A distinct feature of this conference is the Clinical Session(s). These presentations feature applied statistics problems which have not been completely or satisfactorily solved, and for which the presenter seeks assistance in developing a satisfactory approach. A panel of experts, composed of invited speakers and other distinguished attendees, is convened for each clinical session for the purpose of providing guidance. Authors of a clinical paper must provide a brief description of the problem by 10 September 1999 in order that the panelists have sufficient time to prepare their recommendations. We invite you to consider this opportunity to present a bothersome statistical problem to some of the country's leading applied and mathematical statisticians.

Presentation Time

Clinical and contributed papers are nominally 30 minutes and 20 minutes, respectively. Of the 30 minutes available for clinical papers, approximately 10 minutes is recommended for the problem statement, allowing 20 minutes for panel discussion. The agenda will be structured to provide some discussion time between papers.

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