Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 19-21, 1955
Diamond Ordnance Fuze Laboratory and the National Bureau of Standards, Washington, DC




Invited Speakers

Title Author
The Philosophy Underlying the Design of Experiments William G. Cochran
Design of Experiments in Industrial Research and Development W.J. Youden
The Principle of Randomization in the Design of Experiments Churchill Eisenhart
Experimental Methods of Determining Optimum Conditions J.S. Hunter, presented by M.E. Terry
Panel Discussion on How and Where Do Statisticians Fit In? John Tukey (Chairman), Cuthbert Daniel, Besse Day, Churchill Eisenhart, M.E. Terry, S.S. Wilks

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Experimental Design in Personnel Test Research (Title Only) F.K. Thomson
Operational Experiments Paul Michelsen
Operational Gaming and the Design of Experiments W.E. Cushen
Some Design Techniques for Increasing Cell Size with Special Emphasis in the Guided Missile Field P.C. Cox
Three Applications of Statistics to Electronics L.M. Court
New Techniques in Machine Analysis of Surveillance Data Miles Hardenburgh and David Howes
Punched Card Computing of Analyses of Variance C.J. Maloney
Some Examples of the Use of High Speed Computers in Statistics Joseph M. Cameron
Comparative Characteristics of Medium-Priced Fully Automatic Computers for Statistical Applications Sam Alexander and Mary Stevens
Some Problems of Experimental Design Dealing with Military Units of Company Size and Greater (Title Only) D.M. Meals
An Application of the Design of Experiments to the Surveillance of Ammunition J.R. Johnson
The Design of Experiments in Stability Testing J.W. Mitchell

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Sensitivity Testing of Explosives A. Bulfinch
Statistical Approach to the Evaluation of Electric Initiators F. Lawrence
Monte Carlo Approach for Developing a Method for Sensitivity Testing Sylvain Ehrenfeld
An Application of Analysis of Variance to the Evaluation of the Effect of Test Variables and Reproducibility of a Newly Developed Laboratory Apparatus K.R. Fisch
A Plan for Missile Testing in the Laboratory (Title Only) P.C. Cox
The Problem of Grouped Firing P.C. Cox
Application of Sequential Analysis to Catapult Testing L.E. Stout, Jr.
Estimating an Average or Standard Trajectory P.C. Cox
Long Term Exposure Tests of Various Ordnance Material S.L. Eisler
The Design of an Experiment to Determine the Cause(s) of Projectile Break Ups and/or Prematures (Title Only) Benjamin Shratter
Determining the Effectiveness of Cutting Oils in Reducing Machine Tool Wear S.L. Eisler
Controlled Operational Field Experimentation (Title Only) K.L. Yudowitch
Sequential Bioassay? G.S. Woodson
Corrections in Multiple Restrictions in Range (Title Only) W.A. Klieger
Establishing Hypotheses when the Experimental Factors are not at Present Under the Control of the Experimenter K.R. Wood
Another Type of Experiment is Needed (Title Only) M.M. Algor