Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 17-19, 1956
Diamond Ordnance Fuze Laboratory and the National Bureau of Standards, Washington, DC




Introductory Remarks: An Example of Design of Experiments at National Bureau of Standards, Robert D. Huntoon

Invited Speakers

Title Author
The Planning of Experiments in the Presence of Variation (Title Only) George E. Nicholson, Jr.
The Predesign Phase of Large Sample Experiments (Title Only) Carl A. Bennett
Recent Research in Statistical Problems in Subjective Testing Ralph A. Bradley
Application of Order Statistics in Medical Experiments Bernard G. Greenberg and A.E. Sarhan
Derived Linear Models in the Analysis of Variance M.B. Wilk
Choice of Error in the Design of Experiments (Title Only) Jerome Cornfield

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Problems in a Particular Military Field Experiment Kenneth Yudowitch
Human Engineering Experiment on Electron Tester TV-2/U Harold Zweigbaum and Donald Donaldson
Methods of Estimating Lethal Dose for Man C.J. Maloney
Some Statistical Aspects of Fatigue Test Planning V.A. DiDio
The Use of a Special Systematic Design for Surveillance Testing R.M. Eissner
A Statistical Design for a Surveillance Test Boyd Harshbarger
Monte Carlo and Operational Gaming in Ordnance Research L.M. Court
Some Differences in Experimental Data A.J. Eckles, III
The Application of Design of Experiments and Modeling Techniques to Complex Weapons Systems E. Biser and M. Meyerson
The Application of the Monte Carlo Method to Compute the Lethal Area of Weapon Systems (Title Only) S. Ehrenfeld
Determinination of Rotating Band Gaps in 20mm Projectiles (Title Only) Benjamin Shratter
Applications of Selecting Sample Sizes for F-Tests E.L. Bombara
Recommendations for the Design of Experiments for Estimating Quadratic Regression P.G. Sanders
Theoretical Response of Chaff to Radar (Title Only) J.M. Kirshner
Some Experiments on Chaff and on Simulated Shaff (Title Only) P.O. Boesch
A Wide Band Telemetering System R.A. Parkhurst
Automation – Where is the Point of Diminishing Return BenAmi Blau

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Determining Whether a Product Meets Taste Specifications N.J. Gutman
Experimental Designs for War Gaming (Title Only) P.R. Newcomby
Experimental Design for Determining Specification Limits for Manganese-Aluminum Bronze S.L. Eisler
Increasing the Sample Size by Rebuilding Test Material (Title Only) J.W. Coy
Sampling Plan for Packaging Materials Produced by a Continuous Process S.L. Eisler
Observation on the Use of Models in the Design of an Experiment J.W. Mitchell
Short Range Scatter Propagation Survey R.E. Lacy, C.E. Sharp, and H.G. Linder
Experimental Designs for Organization Research Using Limited Resources R.H. Burros
Problems in Army Field Experimentation W.L. Clement
Evaluation of Interlaboratory Tests with Limited Controls and Data W.K. Murray
Testing Squad Indirect Fire Weapons (Title Only) G.J. Blakemore and W.C. Pettijohn
Design of Experiment in the Development of Ballistic Systems (Title Only) F.C. Leone and H. Kahn
Design of Experiment Procedures in Ordnance Research A. Bulfinch