Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 24-26, 1962
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Washington, DC


Attendee List



Invited Speakers

Title Author
A Statistician’s Place in Assessing the Likely Operational Performance of Army Weapon and Equipment Egon S. Pearson
A General Survey of Screening Theory (Title Only) Marvin A. Schneiderman
Optimal Design of Experiments Herman Chernoff
An Experimental Design for Decisions under Uncertainty (Title Only) Robert P. Abelson
Bio-Assay: The Quantal Response Assay Herbert C. Batson
Panel Discussion on Diet and Heart Disease (Title Only) Harold R. Dorn (Chairman), Jerome Cornfield, and George V. Mann
Film on Experiment Design (Title Only) Beatrice S. Orleans

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Estimation of Service Life from Fatigue Testing Results on Full Scale Specimens (Title Only) John P. Purtell
The Simulated versus National Environment in Military Testing and Operations (Title Only) C. Bruce Lee
Application of 28-4 Fractional Factorials in Screening of Variables Affecting the Performance of Dry Process Zinc Battery Electrodes Nicholas T. Wilburn
Applications of the Calculus for Factorial Arrangements Abstract Badrig Kurkjian and Marvin Zelen
The Independent Action Theory of Mortality as Tested at Fort Detrick Francis M. Wadley
Analysis of a Function in Collaborative Experimentation Walter D. Foster
Design and Analysis of Entomological Field Experiments William A. Brown and Scott A. Krane
Comparison of Two Approaches to Obtaining a Transformation Matrix Effecting a Fit to a Factor Solution Obtained in a Different Sample Cecil D. Johnson
Some Least Squares Transformations of Regression Estimators of Orthogonal Factors Emil F. Heermann
A Reliability Test Method for “One-Shot” Items H.J. Langlie
Investigation in Temperature Control of Hydraulic Systems in Rough Terrain Fork Trucks Irving Tarlow
Precision of Simultaneous Measurement Procedures W.A. Thompson, Jr.
Applied Microscopy George I. Lavin
Redundancies in Human Biomechanics and Their Application in Assessing Military Man-Task Disability Performance Resulting from Ballistic Agents William H. Kirby, Jr.
Half-Normal Plots for Multi-Level Factorial Experiments Scott A. Krane
Proportional Frequency Designs Sidney Addelman
Vibration Experiments F. Pradko
Size Effects in the Measurement of Soil Strength Parameters Ben Hanamoto and Emil H. Jebe
Effectiveness of Certain Experimental Plans Utilized in Sensory Evaluations J. Wayne Hamman and Jan Eindhoven
An Evaluation of Radiation-Processed Foods for Military Rations Donald M. Boyd
A Critique of the Evidence Relating Diet and Coronary Heart Disease George V. Mann
Some Consequences of Some Assumptions with Respect to the Physical Decay of a Chamber Aerosol Cloud Theodore W. Horner
The Role of Intuition in the Scientific Method Nicholas M. Smith
How to Design War Games to Answer Research Questions William L. Pierce
Evaluation of Performance Reliability using Regression Models Seymour K. Einbinder and Ingram Olkin
Evaluation of Various Laboratory Methods for Determining Reliability A. Bulfinch
Computer Simulations in Reliability Jasper Dowling

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Statistical Procedures for the Evaluation of Thrust Curves Paul C. Cox
Design of an Experiment to Evaluate Aerosol and Storage Characteristics of a Viral Slurry (Title Only) Samuel N. Metcalfe and Bertram W. Haines
Sensitivity Analysis of Outputs from a Computer Simulation Model of a Chemical Weapons System (Title Only) Reynold Greenstone and Ira A. DeArmon