Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 23-25, 1963
US Army Missile Command, Redstone Arsenal, AL


Attendee List



Invited Speakers

Title Author
Communication Theory Solomon Kullback
The Concept of Monotone Failure Rate in Reliability Theory Frank Proschan
Realistic Evaluation of the Precision and Accuracy of Instrument Calibration Systems Churchill Eisenhart
Some Small Sample Theory for Nonlinear Regression Estimation H.O. Hartley
On the Simultaneous Estimation of a Missile Trajectory and the Error Variance Components Including the Error Power Spectra of Several Tracking Systems David B. Duncan
Panel Discussion on What Type of Statisticians Are Needed in Research and Development Laboratories Boyd Harshbarger (Chairman), E.L. Cox, Churchill Eisenhart, Donald A. Gardiner, Frank E. Grubbs, John L. McDaniel, Paul R. Rider, and William Wolman

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Unbiased Estimates of Reliability When Testing at Only One Extreme Stress Level A. Bulfinch
Comments on the Strength of Real Structural Materials Kenneth H. Abbott
The Collection, Processing, and Storage of Data on Serialized NW Items Manfred W. Krimmer
Probability That Stress Is Less Than Strength at Prescribed Confidence Levels, For Normally Distributed Data E.L. Bombara
Statistical Testing Techniques Used in the Development of the Pratt & Whitney RL10 Rocket Engine for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Harold J. Tiedemann
Computer Simulation Study of Bruceton and Probit Methods of Sensitivity Testing John B. Gayle
Verification of Product Acceptance Inspection by Variables (Title Only) Henry Ellner
Verification of Product Acceptance Inspection by Attributes Joseph Mandelson
Additional Analysis of Missile Trajectory Measuring Systems Oliver Lee Kingsley and Bernie R. Free
Aspects to Control Liquid Propellant Sloshing Based upon Existing Theory Werner R. Eulitz
Basic Considerations for the Preliminary Design of a Shock Tube for the Investigation of the Action of a Nuclear Explosion Wave upon a Missile Dietrick E. Gudzent
Exact Contingency Table Calculations Dorothy Berg, Morley Leyton, and Clifford Maloney
Microspectroscopy of Tissues Abstract George I. Lavin
Relationship of Aerosol Stability to Virulence in Micro-Organisms (Title Only) Howard C. Nielson
Designs for the Sequential Application of Factors Sidney Addelman
2p Factorial Experiments with the Factors Applied Sequentially R.R. Prairie and W.J. Zimmer
Estimation of Error-Spectra from the Cross-Autocovariance Functions of Differences D.B. Duncan and W.T. Wells
A Comparison of Different Methods of Weapons Evaluation (Title Only) Andrew J. Eckles, III
Design of a Data Gathering Model for Evaluation Surface-to-Air Missile System Support Requirements (Title Only) Leon Miller (presented by N. Ray Sumner)
An Analysis of Helicopter Reconnaissance Techniques (Title Only) Arthur R. Woods
Statistical Study of Reliability and Accuracy of Surface-to-Air Missiles Bruce Sterner
Notes on Fleet Homogeneity and Heterogeneity (Title Only) G.E. Cooper
Statistical Decision Theory Lionel Weiss
An Analysis of Factorial Experimental Designs L.W. Kesting
Some Aspects of Analysis of Partially Factorial Experiments (Title Only) Scott A. Krane
Reliability Estimation for Multi-Component Systems James R. Kniss
Statistical Study of Aging Characteristics of Artillery Missiles Raymond Bell

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Reliability Concepts for Missile Batteries Nicholas Wilburn
The Impact of Administrative Limitations on the Design of Experiments Gerhard J. Isaac
Monte Carlo Application for Developing a Design Reliability Goal Compatible with Small Sample Requirements Ray Heathcock and Dale L. Burrows
Use of the Mitcherlich Equation in the Three-Phase Experimental Design (Title Only) Ardie Lubin
The Measurement of the Morale and Suppressive Effects of Weapons D.H. Chaddock
The Design of an Experimental Program to Investigate Buckling in the Hoop Direction of Partially Filled Bulkheads under Loading (Title Only) Lester Katz