Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
November 4-6, 1964
The Army Research Office, Washington, DC

Proceedings Part 1 and Part 2

Attendee List



Initial Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Dr. Frank E. Grubbs, Ballistic Research Laboratories

The Conception of the Wilks Award, Philip G. Rust

Invited Speakers

Title Author
The Stimulus of S.S. Wilks to Army Statistics MAJ GEN Leslie E. Simon (Ret’d)
Development of the Design of Experiments over the Past Ten Years Oscar Kempthorne
Assessment and Correction of Deficiencies in PERT Analysis H.O. Hartley and A.W. Wortham
The Future of Processes of Data Analysis John W. Tukey
Statistics and Management (Title Only) M.G. Kendall
Panel Discussion on Regression Analysis (Title Only) Gerald L. Lieberman (Chairman), Robert Bechhofer (Discussant), George E.P. Box (Use and Abuse of Regression), Jack C. Kiefer (Optimum Extrapolation and Interpolation Designs), and Ingram Olkin (Estimation for a Regression Model with Covariance)
Sam Wilks as I Remember Him (Banquet, Title Only) Churchill Eisenhart
An Operations Research Yarn and Other Comments (Banquet, Title Only) W.J. Youden

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Application of Dimension Theory to Multiple Regression Analysis David R. Howes
The Use of Regression Analysis for Correcting of Matrix Effects in the X-Ray Fluorescence Analyses of Pyrotechnic Compositions R.H. Myers and B.J. Alley
Sampling for Destruction or Expensive Testing Joseph Mandelson
Total Sample Statistics from Subsample Statistics Paul C. Cox
Improvement Curves: Principles and Practices Jerome H.N. Selman
The Effect of Validity, Length, and Score Conversion on a Measure of Personnel Allocation Efficiency Richard C. Sorenson and Cecil D. Johnson
A Quantitative Assay for Crude Anthrax Toxins Bertram W. Haines, Frederick Klein, and Ralph E. Lincoln
An Investigation of the Distribution of Direct Hits on Personnel by Self-Dispersing Bomblets David M. Moss and Theodore W. Horner
Cyclic Designs H.A. David and F.W. Wolock
Some Results on the Foundations of Statistical Decision Theory Bernard Harris, J.D. Church, and F.V. Atkinson
Tequilap: Ten Quantitative Illusions of Administrative Practice Clifford J. Maloney
Combat Vehicle Fleet Management C.J. Christianson and G.E. Cooper
Application of Statistics to Evaluate Swivel Hook Type Cross Chain Fasteners for Military Applications of the Tire Chains Otto H. Pfeiffer
Some Factors Affecting the Precision of Co-ordinate Measurements on Photogenic Plates (Title Only) Desmond O’Connor
The Design of Complex Sensitivity Experiments D. Rothman and J.M. Zimmerman
Factors Affecting Sensitivity Experiments J.R. Kniss and W. Wenger
A Comparison of Reconnaissance Techniques for Light Observation Helicopters and a Ground Scout Platoon Harrison N. Hoppes, Barry M. Kibel, and Arthur R. Woods
A Study of Probability Aspects of a Simultaneous Shock Wave Problem Edward C. Hecht
Monte Carlo Techniques to Evaluate Experimental Design Analysis M.M. Everett, D.L. Colbert, and L.W. Green, Jr.

Clinical Papers

Title Author
System Configuration Problems and Error Separation Problems Fred S. Hanson
An Experiment in Making Technical Decisions Using Operations Research and Statistical Methods Andrew H. Jenkins and Edwin M. Bartee
Disinfection of Aerosolized Pathogenic Fungi on Laboratory Surfaces (Title Only) Richard H. Kruse, Theron D. Green, Richard C. Chambers, and Marian W. Jones
Pathophysiology of Indian Cobra Venom James A. Vick, Henry P. Ciuchta, and James H. Manthei
Computer Analysis of Rhesus Monkey in Visual Discrimination Testing John C. Atkinson
Fatigue-Limit Analysis and Design of Fatigue Experiments A.H. Soni and R.E. Little
Getting Regression Analysis Implemented W.H. Ammann
A Data Collection Procedure for Assessing Neuromotor Performance in the Presence of Missile Wounds William H. Kirby, Jr., William Kokinakis, Larry M. Sturdivan, and William P. Johnson
Problems in the Design of Statistics-Generating War Games William H. Sutherland
Error Analysis Problems in the Estimation of Spectra Virginia Tipton
Validation Problems of an Interference Prediction Model William B. McIntosh
Explosive Safety and Reliability Estimates from a Limited Size Sample J.N. Ayres, L.D. Hampton, and I. Kabik
Comparing the Variabilities of Two Test Methods Using Data for Several Populations (Title Only) Manfred W. Krimmer