Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
November 1-3, 1967
US Army Mobility Equipment Development Center and US Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories, Fort Belvoir, VA


Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to William G. Cochran, Harvard University

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Regression Analysis in the Computer Age Francis J. Anscombe
Some Comments on Matching K.A. Brownlee
Some Statistical Methods in Machine Intelligence Research I.J. Good
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Reliability (Title Only) Frank Proschan
Data Analysis (Title Only) M.B. Wilk

Contributed Papers

Title Author
A Model for Obtaining the Operating Characteristics of a Skip Lot Sampling Procedure Allen C. Endres
A Model for Determining Quality Incentive Payoffs for Procurement Roger R. Rymer and Eugene Dutoit
Optimum Sampling Plans for Grading Binomial Populations Paul B. Nickens
Methodology of Assessment of Biocellular Reactions to Absorbed Energy (Title Only) George I. Lavin
The Effect of Inventory Forecasting Upon Supply Effectiveness (Title Only) Patsy Courtney
The ABBA Sequence: A Sequential Procedure for Comparison Testing Arthur Pillersdorf
On Expected Probabilities of Misclassification in Discriminant Analysis, Necessary Sample Size, and a Relation with the Multiple Correlation Coefficient Peter A. Lachenbruch
Intra-Profile Variance (Intra-Individual Variance) Claude F. Bridges
A Statistical Test of Two Hypothetical Reliability Growth Curves of a Logistic Form in the Discrete Case William P. Henke
On the Fitting of the Weibull Distribution with Non-Zero Location Parameters and Some Applications Oskar M. Essenwanger
A Technique for Interpreting High Order Interactions Melvin O. Braaten and John Tonzetich
A Simplified Method for Finding Optimum Experimental Designs Melvin O. Braaten, Ray L. Miller, and Fred W. Judge
Definitive Calibration of an Aerial Camera in Its Operating Environment Lawrence A. Gambino
Design and Analysis of a Statistical Experiment on High Voltage Breakdown in Vacuum M.M. Chrepta, G.W. Taylor, and M.H. Zinn
Improving Binomial Reliability Estimates - A Moderately Distribution Free Technique for Small Sample Reliability Estimation Michael G. Billings
Use of Reference Component Mixture Designs in a Calibration Application (Title Only) Raymond H. Myers and Bernard J. Alley
The Development of a Probabilistic Model for Acoustic Sound Ranging Robert P. Lee
An Experiment on the Meteorological Effects on Sound Ranging (Title Only) William H. Hatch
Estimates of P(Y < X) and Their Application to Reliability Problems for Both Continuous and Quantal Response Data J.D. Church and Bernard Harris
Numbers Needed for Detecting Important Differences for Count Data F.M. Wadley and C.J. Maloney
On a Statistically Consistent Estimate of an Average Cumulative Quantal Response Function George W. Evans, II, and Robert C. McCarty
Designs of Experiments as Telescoping Sequences of Blocks Arthur G. Holms
On a Class of Nonparametric Tests for Interactions in Factorial Experiments P.K. Sen
On the Rank Mod p of the Design Matrix of a Difference Set F. Jessie MacWilliams and Henry B. Mann

Clinical Papers

Title Author
On Methods of Optimization of a Multiobjective Survey Abstract John C. Atkinson
Components of Variance of a Linear Function in Repeated Trials Walter D. Foster
Determination of the TBO Weibull Probability Parameters for Repairable Components John L. Mundy
Parameters in R&D in Relation to Cost/Accuracy Investigation (Title Only) Robert G. Conard
On Experiments Concerned with the Sampling Distribution of Lanchester’s Parameters David R. Howes