Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 23-25, 1968
US Army Edgewood Arsenal, Edgewood, MD


Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Jerzy Neyman, University of California, Berkeley

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Broadening the Horizons of Experimental Design LT GEN William B. Bunker
The Structure and Classification of Patterns Rolf E. Bargmann
Some Sampling Analysis with Respect to Compositing in the Sampling of Bulk Material Acheson J. Duncan
Time Series (Title Only) Emanuel Parzen
Panel Discussion on Bulk Sampling Walter D. Foster (Chairman), Acheson J. Duncan (Discussant), Boyd Harshbarger, Henry Ellner, Gene Ray Lowrimore, Joseph Mandelson, and Vernon H. Rechmeyer

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Statistical Analysis of Cutting Fluid Performance Data Lanny D. Wells
Measurement of One Aspect of Vehicular Mobility Carol D. Rose and Raymond Owens
The Determination of Confidence Limits for the Location of the Maxima, Minima, or Saddle Point of Two Variable, Second Order, Multiple Regression Equations (Title Only) L.L. Lehn
Binomial Weighted Fourier Transform of Discrete Data (Title Only) Hal Germond
Probability of a Non-repeatable Observation – An Examination of the Utility Concept and the Nature of Queueing Sequences Mikiso Mizuki
An Application of Signal Flow Graph Theory to a Stochastic Process R.G. Stimson
Theory and Assumptions Underlying the Development of CSP-R Harold W. Kelley and Fred L. Abraham
Approximations to Control Chart Constants for Electronic Computers (Title Only) David Hogben and John Mandel
The Role of the Analog Computer in the RDT&E Effort at Edgewood Arsenal (Title Only) William Shulman
An Evaluation of Linear Least Squares Computer Programs: A Summary Report Roy H. Wampler
A Note on the Error Analysis of a Fire Control System T.H. Slook
Analysis of Multi-Dimensional Contingency Tables H.H. Ku, R. Varner, and S. Kullback
Evaluation of Nickel-Iron and Nickel-Zinc Batteries Martin J. Sulkes
Statistically Designed Experiments in the Study of Factors Affecting Breakdown of High Voltage in a Vacuum (Title Only) M.M. Chrepta, G.W. Taylor, and M.H. Zinn
Design of Experiment and a Statistical Performance Model for a Radar Altimeter Erwin Biser
Some Experiences in Laboratory Control Investigation Sigmund P. Zobel
Statistical Analysis Made Easy: A Successful Marriage of Statistical Theory and Computers (Title Only) Melvin O. Braaten and C. Frank Starmer
Some Statistical Aspects of Assurance of Sterilization F.M. Wadley
Research and Development Mathematical Equations as Relates to an Army Aircraft System Abstract Tony N. O’Truk
Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Intervals for Products and Quotients of Poisson Parameters with Applications to Reliability Bernard Harris
Methodology of Assessment of Biocellular Performance George I. Lavin
Monte Carlo Investigation of the Robustness of Dixon’s Criteria for Testing Outlying Observations Jerry Thomas
A Method for Approximating Probability Functions Defined on Finite Domains Joseph S. Tyler, Jr.

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Problems in Evaluating Treatment Response Over Unequally Spaced Time Intervals Gerhard J. Isaac
Analysis of Data from the Wound Data and Munitions Effectiveness Team in Vietnam W. Bruchey, L. Sturdivan, and R. Whitmire
Decentralized Gradients in Experimental Optimization (Title Only) David R. Howes
Effect of Number of Observing Stations on Flight Measurement Precision Fred S. Hanson
An Experiment Using the Numerical Analysis to Model a Functional Relation Between AMB System Sensor Responses and Reentry Vehicle Characteristics Andrew H. Jenkins
Measurement On-The-Move of Tank Weapon Pointing Accuracy (Title Only) Stanley M. Birley
A Comparison of the Sampling Errors of a Systematic Sampling Method with Complete Random Sampling in the Estimation of Total Number of Nerve Fibers (Title Only) Douglas B. Tang