Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 25-27, 1972
US Army Test and Evaluation Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Proceedings Part 1 and Part 2

Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to George E.P. Box, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Exploratory Data Analysis as Part of a Larger Whole John Tukey
The Statistics of Directions G.S. Watson
Sequential and Prior Analysis for 2k Factorials J. Stuart Hunter
Some Recent Advances in Forecasting and Control George E.P. Box and G.M. Jenkins
Response Surface Analysis for Dual Response Systems Raymond H. Myers

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Orthogonal Estimates in Weighing Designs William G. Lese, Jr. and K.S. Banerjee
Weighing Designs for Mass Calibration (Title Only) J.M. Cameron and R.C. Raybold
Computer Construction of Balanced Incomplete Block Designs Malcolm S. Taylor
Regression Analysis Approach to Interpolation Algorithms (Title Only) E.L. McDowell
On Spurious Correlations for Partially Related Variates Oskar M. Essenwanger
The Least Squares Analysis of Data Generated by a “Piece-Wise” General Linear Model Robert L. Launer
Evaluation and Scheduling Prototype Requirements for Suitability Testing Richard B. Cole and William J. Owen
Stopping Rules for Sequencing with Particular Reference to Missile Range Scheduling Paul H. Randolph
A Robust Confidence Interval for Location (Title Only) Alan M. Gross
Approximate Confidence Limits for P(Y < X) J.R. Moore and M.S. Taylor
Statistical Evaluation of Flight Test Performance of the Helicopter Lift Margin System (HLMS) Erwin Biser and Ronald Kurowsky
Automated Radar Data Processing at White Sands Missile Range Featuring Adaptive Filtering with Bias Estimation W.A. McCool
Algorithm for Editing Bivariate Data Files with Random Spacing in the Independent Variable L.D. Clements
Statistical Analysis of H.F. Oblique and Vertical Incidence Ionospheric Data Applicable to Field Army Distances Richard J. D’Accardi and Chris P. Tsokos
Comparison of the Transmission Through Fog of the 3-5 and 8-12 Micron Spectral Regions as a Function of the Visible Transmission (Title Only) James E. Perry and Stuart Laymar
Maximum Likelihood Estimation Procedures in Reliability Growth Larry H. Crow
Modified Propagation of Errors with Applications to Maintainability and Availability Paul C. Cox
DPG Wind Tunnel Modification and Evaluation E.G. Peterson, E.E. Covert, and D.L. Hansen
Techniques for Tail Length Analysis James J. Filliben
Criteria for a Biocellular Model – Biocellular Communication George I. Lavin
Equation-of-State and Shock Initiation Experiments on Explosives Using Pulsed Electron Beams L. Avrami, P. Harris, and J. Shea
An Analysis of 5.56mm Aluminum Cartridge Case “Burn-Through” Phenomenon Walter H. Squire and Reed E. Donnard
Statistical Modeling of Propagation Loss Data M. Acker, R. D’Accardi, D. Dence, and C. Tsokos
Grubbs’ Estimators to Date Clifford J. Maloney
A System for Position-Location Based on Ranges Richard H.F. Jackson, James A. Lechner, and David J. Sookne
Approximate Lower Confidence Limit on the Circular Error Probability (CEP) in the Case of Unequal Variances Edmund H. Inselmann
On the Variation in Mechanical Properties of Large Caliber Gun Tube Forgings Peter A. Thornton
CSP-V: A Continuous Sampling Plan with a Provision for a Reduced Clearance Number Gary L. Aasheim
The Selection of the Most Meaningful Subset of Responses in a Multiple Response Experiment Walter D. Foster
A Review of the Bayesian Approach: An Application of Bayesian Statistic to Stockpile Reliability Assurance (Title Only) Martin Messinger
Visual Detection Abilility (Title Only) Bruce L. Bucklin
Optimization of Inprocess Storage Devices Using a GERT III-Q Simulation Ray L. Peterson
Biased Samples for Testing John Fargher, Jr.
Methods to Extend the Utility of Linear Discriminant Analysis Lawrence E. Larsen
Malfunction Prediction Method for Small Arms Weapon Systems (Title Only) Harry Greveris

Clinical Papers

Title Author
An Investigation of Wind Frequency Response on the M50 Rocket Bernard F. Engebos and Abel J. Blanco
Problems in Designing Experiments with Large Numbers of Variables Roger L. Brauer and Charles C. Lozar
Experimental Establishment of Accuracy of Range-to-Function Measurements for Artillery Projectiles L.D. Clements
An Improved Method of Estimating the Critical Velocity of a Projectile in Penetration Ballistics G.J. McLauglin