Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 24-26, 1973
US Army Armament Command and US Army Management Engineering Training Agency, Rock Island, IL




Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to H.O. Hartley, Texas A&M University

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Bayesian Statistics Jerome Cornfield
Ranking and Selection Procedures for Multivariate Normal Populations Shanti S. Gupta
Generalized Jackknife Techniques H.L. Gray
Reliability Growth Frank Proschan
Accelerated Life Testing Sam C. Saunders
Reliability of Multiple Component Systems William A. Thompson, Jr. and Larry Lee

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Sample Size Determination and the Operating Characteristics Curve for the Circular Probable Error Gideon A. Culpepper
Design and Analysis of a Hit Probability Experiment Based on a Bivariate Normal Distribution Robert W. Mai
Model for Probability Hit Analysis of 20mm Projectiles Diana L. Frederick
On Bimodality in Parameterized Atmospheric Models and Some Solutions to Avoid It Oskar Essenwanger
Toward the Prediction of Effects of Ultra-Short Laser Pulses E.W. Stuebing, E.A. Lucia, and F.D. Verderame
Modeling See-Through Aerosols for Infrared Countersurveillance and Laser Countermeasures R. Doherty, J.J. Pinto, E.W. Stuebing, and F.D. Verderame
Transformations Through a Non-Euclidean Space in a Linear Transformation Context Oren N. Dalton
Regression Analysis Approach to Interpolation Algorithms (Title Only) E.L. McDowell
Reliability Growth of the TF-30 Engine Bertram W. Haines, Frederick L. Carter, and Martha R. Cummings
Reliability Growth Estimation from Failure and Time Truncated Testing Larry H. Crow
Responsiveness Properties of Continuous Sampling Plans Richard M. Brugger
Expected Values from a Markov Chain Model of CSP-F and the Z Transform David L. Arp
Automated Production Line Modeling Using Gerts IIIQ Martin M. Roffman and Lawrence P. McNamee
Configuration Management for Reliability/Maintenance Testing John Fargher, Jr.
Bayesian Inferences for Interval Reliability of Weibull Components Ronald L. Racicot
Reliability of a Serial System A.E. Johnsrud
The Role of Instrument Performance Standards in the Control of the White Sands Missile Range Test Support Process J.B. Gose and W.R. Jenkins
Multivariate Analysis Techniques Applied to Equipment Testing John Bart Wilburn, Jr.
One Shot Sensitivity Test for Extreme Percentage Points Seymour K. Einbinder
Analysis of Techniques for Finding a Forward Observer Charles McElwee
Predictive Equations for Accelerated Life Testing of Impregnated Charcoal W.S. Magee, Jr., J.A. Baker, E.J. Poziomek, J. Broadway, and H. Ball
A Gaussian Tolerance Technique for Multilayer Optical Coatings J.J. Walls, Jr., R.A. McKyton, and A. Kawalec
A Table of Cumulative Distribution Function Values of Expected Values of Normal Order Statistics Gary L. Aasheim
A Strong Justification for the Use of Rank Tests in the Case of Non-Normality J. Sethuraman and D.H. Jones
Statistical Analysis and Modeling of Path Loss Distance Dependency Information R. D’Accardi, D. Dence, and C. Tsokos
An Approach to Occupant Evaluation of Army Family Housing Interiors Roger Brauer and Robert Neathammer

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Interpretation of Analysis of Variance Effects in Designs Yielding a Subjects by Treatment Interaction Ray T. Sterner, Richard S. Teplick, and James T. Wheeler
Problems with a Compartment Model for Assessing Human Vitamin A Kinetics Richard Teplick
Condition/Effectiveness Model for Facility Components R.J. Colver, J.G. Kirby, P.V. Kauffold, R.E. DeVor, and M.J. Kraitsik
Using the Beta Distribution to Suggest the Distribution of Computer Access Times to Storages Walter D. Foster