Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 20-22, 1976
Harry Diamond Laboratories, Adelphi, MD


Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Solomon Kullback, George Washington University

Invited Speakers

Title Author
The Measurement Process (Title Only) J. Stuart Hunter
Management of Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) Benjamin S. Blanchard
Interval Estimation for Empirical Bayes Generalizations of Stein’s Estimator Carl N. Morris
Robust Statistical Procedures Robert V. Hogg
Accelerated Life Testing (Title Only) Nozer D. Singpurwalla

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Analysis of an Error-time Response Performance Michael Hacskaylo
An Experimental Design to Determine the Frequency Distribution of Laser Radar (LADAR) Return Signal Voltages (Title Only) Jerry W. Vickers
Evaluation of Gunner Errors Through Time Series Analysis Latricha Greene and John Howerton
Range Instrumentation Position Accuracy (Title Only) F.L. Carter
Estimate of Reliability in the Stress-Strength Model Asit P. Basu
Underlying Probability Distribution of Gun Tube Fatigue Life Ronald L. Racicot
Failure Prediction of Finite Flawed Ceramic Plates Under Combined Stresses (Title Only) Donald M. Neal
Robust Outlier Detection in Trajectory Data Reduction William S. Agee and Robert H. Turner
On the Upward Continuation of First Derivatives of the Anomalous Gravity Potential Under Consideration of a Suitable Data Base (Title Only) H. Baussus-von Luetzow
Comparison of Error Rates and Misclassification Probabilities Using Binomial and Bayesian Models for Personnel Classification (Title Only) Frederick H. Steinheiser and Kenneth I. Epstein
Table Look-up and Interpolation for a Normal Random Number Generator William L. Shepherd and John N. Hynes
Eigenvectors Analysis of Empirical Data versus Utilization of Standard Functions Oskar M. Essenwanger
Induction on a Markov Chain Richard M. Brugger
Markov and Path Dependent Processes Applied to Continuous Sampling Plans in Tandem David L. Arp
Estimating Reliability from Small Samples, Errata Donald W. Rankin
Estimation and Prediction of Confidenced Reliable Life from Small Sample Sizes Eugene E. Coppola
Sequential Allocation of Observations in the Exponential Selection Problem Robert M. Wharton and R. Srinivasan
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of 12D for Inoculated Packs Edward W. Ross, Jr.
Confidence Bounds for the General Linear Model J. Richard Moore and Malcolm S. Taylor
Cost of Living Index (Title Only) K.S. Banerjee

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Problems in Analyzing Pharmacokinetic Data Carl Peck and Alan Hopkins
Effects of Dietary Bran and Cellulose on Serum Lipids Charlotte M. Heggie, Daniel H. Connor, Frank A. Franklin, Jr., Walter D. Foster, Samuel M. Wylde, and Joe M. Blumberg
Reliability Analysis of Airfield Lighting Systems Frank Kuo and Edward S. Lindow
Simplified Method for Determining Approximate Lower Confidence Bounds of a System Whose Posterior Reliability Distribution is Described as a Beta Louis M. Iannuzzelli and Robert Dostal
Experimental Design for Laboratory Evaluation of Imaging Systems (Title Only) R. Flaherty, J. Palmer, and F. Shields
A Method for Determining Pairwise Contrasts from a Friedman Two-way Layout Based on a Theorem by Marascuilo Jimmie C. DeLoach and Eugene F. Dutoit
Estimation and Effect of Noise Correlation on Variance Estimation from Moving Arc Smoothing Paul H. Thrasher