Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 4-6, 1978
Mathematics Research Center, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI


Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to William H. Kruskal, University of Chicago

Short Course on Introduction to the Fundamentals of Experimental Design (Title Only), October 2-3, 1978, George E.P. Box

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Ridge Regression (Title Only) Norman Draper
Statistical Analyses of a Weather Modification Experiment Ralph A. Bradley, Sushil S. Srivastava, and Adolph Lanzdorf
Recent Advances in Graphical Techniques for Analyzing Failure Data: Total Time on Test Plots Richard E. Barlow and Bernard Davis
Statistical Consulting Or There Are No Standard Problems, Only Standard Solutions Brian L. Joiner
How to Smooth Curves and Surfaces with Splines and Cross-Validation Grace Wahba

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Red Noise in the Power Spectrum of Atmospheric Temperature Data Oskar M. Essenwanger
Small Sample Behavior of Some Procedures Used in Time Series Model Building and Forecasting Paul Newbold and Craig F. Ansley
Statistical Problems Associated with the Horizontal Channel of the Rapid Geodetic Survey System (RGSS) H. Baussus-von Luetzow
Analysis of Variance on the Trade-off Relating Accuracy to Speed of Reaction Walter D. Foster, John H. Wolcott, and Terrence L. Kay
The Analysis of Partially Factorial Experiments J. Robert Burge
Statistical Analysis of Experiments in Sorptivity Richard N. Macnair and Edward W. Ross, Jr.
On Combining Pseudo-Random Number Generators Mark Brown and Herbert Solomon
Simplified Point and Interval Estimation for Removal Trapping Andrew P. Soms
Regression for Markov Bernoulli Random Variables Edmond H. Inselmann
Methodology for Acceptance Criteria for Target Dispersion Characteristics of the Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot (APDS) Rounds Frank C. Hopkins
Sequential Estimation of Quantal Response Curves R. Srinivasan and R.M. Wharton
A Monte Carlo Simulation of a Probability Ratio Sequential Test (PRST) Plan from Military Standard 781C William J. Broemm
Laser Beam War Games: Design, Analysis and Modeling Considerations W.S. Mallios, R.D. Batesole, and D.R. Leal
Star Signature Models (Title Only) John W. Bond
Determination of Structural Reliability Using a Flaw Simulation Scheme Joseph I. Bluhm, Donald M. Neal, and Donald S. Mason
Predicted Mechanical Behavior of Materials When Subjected to Weapon Setback Forces Richard S. Simak
Successful Application of Stewartson’s Liquid Instability/Stability Criteria to the Design of Artillery Projectiles John M. Ferriter

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Candidate Sequential Designs for Optimum Seeking Carl B. Bates
Environmental and Water Quality Operational Studies: Experimental Design Problems Associated with the Fisheries of the Mississippi River Michael P. Farrell and A. Dale Magoun
Analysis of Censored Repairable Systems Failure Data (Title Only) Harold E. Ascher
Friction of Rubber on Snow and Ice (Title Only) L. David Minsk
Problems of Generating Prediction Equations by Multivariate Analysis of Data Derived from Complex Simulations (Title Only) Tom Kitchell