Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 17-19, 1979
US Army Natick Research and Development Command, Natick, MA


Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Alexander M. Mood, University of California, Irvine

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Special Silver Anniversary Address: A Quarter Century of Army Design of Experiments Conferences Frank E. Grubbs
Summarizing the Results of a Series of Experiments William G. Cochran
Ethics and Strategy in Therapeutic Investigations (Title Only) Marvin Zelen
Designed Experiments in Sensory Testing (Title Only) Alfred T. May
On the Power of Birnbaum’s Test Ray E. Schafer
New Algorithms for Nonlinear Least Squares and Bayesian Parameter Estimation Warren Stewart and Jan P. Sorensen

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Robust Filtering and Smoothing of Tracking Data William S. Agee and Robert H. Turner
Robust Regression Analysis in Predicting Ceramic Structural Failure (Title Only) Donald M. Neal
Compound Frequency Distributions: A Method for Estimating Statistical Parameters from an Adulterated Sample Donald W. Rankin
A Sequential k-Group Random Allocation Method with Applications to Simulation, published in 1980 Proceedings Andrew P. Soms
Some Bayesian Alternatives to Significance Testing (Title Only) Thomas Leonard
Variance Reduction in Monte Carlo Simulation Mark Brown, Herbert Solomon, and Michael A. Stephens
Small Sample Size Effects on Tolerance Limits, Exceedances James R. Knaub, Jr.
The Periodic Nature of Experimentally Measured Data Michael Hacskaylo
Variable Transformation in Nonlinear Least Squares Model Fitting Aivars Celmins
Analysis of Data with the Nonlinear Least Chi Square Algorithm Richard L. Moore
Error-Time Response Performance of Naïve Subjects Michael Hacskaylo and Joseph E. Swistak
Image Interpretation Performance on Four Standard Types of Aerographic Film Ronald L. Johnson and Paul J. School