Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 20-22, 1982
US Army Combat Developments Experimentation Command (CDEC), Fort Ord, held in Monterey, CA


Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Bernard Harris, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Short Course on Non-Parametric Statistics (Title Only), October 18-19, 1982, W.J. Conover

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Bootstrap Methods (Keynote, Title Only) Brad Efron
Tools in Data Analysis (Title Only) Leo Breiman
Nonparametric Probability Density Estimation for Data Analysis in Several Dimensions David W. Scott
The Early Influence of W. Edwards Deming on the Development of Statistical Quality Control in the United States and in Japan Nancy R. Mann
Panel Discussion on Logistic Supportability Walter W. Hollis and Langhorne Withers (Chairmen), Russell R. Shorey, MG William K. Huzeker, R.L. Ely, BG Kenneth A. Joleman, and W.R. Moats

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Entropy Interpretation of Goodness of Fit Tests Emanuel Parzen
Exact Probability Levels for Multi-Sample Smirnov-type Statistics William E. Baker and Malcolm S. Taylor
Analyzing n Samples of 2 Observations Each J.R. Knaub, Jr., L.M. Grile, and G. Petet
In-Minefield Effectiveness Measure for Breaching Vehicles Mark S. Adams
Robust Range Measurement Preprocessing William S. Agee and Robert H. Turner
How Good is Good – A Field Evaluation of Camouflage George Anitole and Ronald L. Johnson
Estimating Mean Life from Limited Testing Donald W. Rankin
Analysis of Ferrographic Engine Wear Data Using Quality Control Techniques Robert L. Launer and Edward A. Saibel
An Efficient Method for Determining the “A” and “B” Design Allowables Donald Neal and Luciano Spiridigliozzi
Choice of Response Surface Design and Alphabetic Optimality George E.P. Box
Ambushed by a Lurking Variable Barry A. Bodt and Jerry Thomas
The Use of the R( )-Notation for the Evaluation of Results of Parallel Line Assays (Title Only) J. Robert Burge
The Use of Box-Jenkins Methodology in Forecasting DARCOM’s Central Procurement Workload Charles A. Correia
Wind Variability in the Boundary Layer and Its Association with Turbulence, Red and White Noise Oskar M. Essenwanger
Comparison of CEP Estimators for Elliptical Normal Errors Audrey E. Taub and Marlin A. Thomas
Unbiased Random Integration Methods with Exactness for Low Order Polynomials Andrew F. Siegel and Fanny O’Brien
Estimating the Variance of the Loss Exchange Ratio Eugene Dutoit
An Example of Software Validation Using a Factorial Design Joseph M. Tessmer
Introduction: Integrated Logistic Supportability Testing in OT Slides in “Logistic Supportability” Langhorne Withers
OTEA: Supportability Test and Evaluation: Initiatives and Thrusts Slides in “Logistic Supportability” Larry Davis
OTEA: Integrated Logistic Supportability Testing in OT Slides in “Logistic Supportability” Steve French
OTEA: Integrated Logistic Supportability Testing in OT Slides in “Logistic Supportability” Bill Dunn
OTEA: Integrated Logistic Supportability Testing in OT Slides in “Logistic Supportability” Doug McGowen
DARCOM: Supportability - Requirements, Design, Test and Evaluation (Title Only) in “Logistic Supportability” Arthur Nordstrom
TRADOC: On Army Operational Test and Evaluation of Logistic Supportability in “Logistic Supportability” Donald G. Reich
Sensitivity and Asymptotic Properties of Bayesian Reliability Estimates Bernard Harris and Andrew P. Soms
An Inferential Approach to Experimental Design for Quantal Response Models (Title Only) Tom Leonard
A Note on the Variance Kernel Estimator of the Hazard Function from Randomly Censored Data Martin A. Tanner
Need for Measuring Software Reliability (Title Only) in “Software Test and Evaluation” Ray Bell
Need and Problems Associated with Representative Software Test Data (Title Only) in “Software Test and Evaluation” Steve French
Methods for Generating Representative Software Test Data, Scoring of Data, and Analysis of Data (Title Only) in “Software Test and Evaluation” Larry Crow, James Kniss, Paul Kunselman, and Gregory J. Gibson
Characteristics and Analysis of Software Failure (Title Only) in “Software Test and Evaluation” Larry Crow and Nozer D. Singpurwalla

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Validation of Multiple Terrain Factor Value Predictions Using Limited Ground Truth Measurements (Title Only) James H. Robinson and Gerald W. Turnage
A Need for a Methodology for Prioritization of Mission Area (MA) Deficiencies Richard T. Maruyama
Effectiveness Analysis of Selective Reenlistment Bonus (Title Only) Carl B. Bates and Breton C. Graham
The Perversity of Missing Points in the 24 Design Carl T. Russell