Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 22-24, 1984
US Army White Sands Missile Range, held at New Mexico State University, Las Cruses, NM


Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Nozer D. Singpurwalla, George Washington University

Short Course on The Bootstrap (Title Only), October 20-21, 1984, Robert Tibshirani

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Limited Randomization as the Key to Taking Advantage of Modern Summaries (Keynote) John W. Tukey
An Introduction to Regression Diagnostics Roy E. Welsch
Quantization (Title Only) James Bucklew
Recent Work in Pattern Theory (Title Only) Ulf Grenander
Uncertainty Analysis and Sensitivity in Risk Assessment (Title Only) Ronald L. Iman
System Reliability (Title Only) Bernard Harris

Contributed Papers

Title Author
An Introduction to Failure Mode Strategy and Effectiveness Factors Larry H. Crow
Methods for Assessing Reliability Growth Potential (Title Only) Larry H. Crow
Determination of the Design Allowable Value Using Extreme Quantile Modeling Donald Neal, Mark Vangel, and Luciano Spiridigliozzi
BASIC Programs for Computing Reliability and/or Mean Life Donald W. Rankin
The Application of Experimental Design to Evaluation of Multi-Echelon Stockage Models Carl B. Bates
Least-Time Analysis: A Methodology for Experimental Design in Logistics Systems Testing and Evaluation Clarence H. Annett
Comparing Shock Sensitivity for Two Explosives Gary W. Gemmill and Audrey E. Taub
Multivariate Data Analysis Applied to Skinfold Measurements and the Percentage of Body Fat for Black and White Male Soldiers Eugene Dutoit and Karen Patricia Hobson
Desert Camouflage Paint Evaluation for Saudi Arabian National Guard George Anitole and Ronald L. Johnson
Application of the Concept of Prediction Analysis to the Experimental Determination of Nuclear Effects Environments (Title Only) John L. Meason
Tetrachoric Correlation for Mesoscale Areal Persistence of Cloud Ceilings Oskar M. Essenwanger
Effects of Bias Using Computer Pseudo-Random Number Generator Algorithms (Title Only) Raymond Spring and Stephen Freitas
Nonparametric Median Estimation (with Application to Number of Simulation Replications Needed) J.R. Knaub, Jr.
Quantile-Information-Functional Statistical Inference and Unification of Discrete and Continuous Data Analysis in “Recent Developments in Statistics” Emanuel Parzen
Damage Models (Title Only) in “Recent Developments in Statistics” Jayaram Sethuraman
The Distribution of a Weighted Visibility Measure on a Line Segment Under Shadows Cast by Random Disks Having a Bivariate Normal Scattering in “Recent Developments in Statistics” M. Yadin and S. Zacks
On Segmentation of Signals, Time Series, and Images in “Recent Developments in Statistics” Stanley L. Sclove
Applications of Belief Functions (Title Only) in “Recent Developments in Statistics” Arthur Dempster
Recent Research in Experimental Design for Quality Improvement with Applications to Logistics in “Recent Developments in Statistics” George E.P. Box
Force Development Testing and Experimentation of the Fire Support Team Jock O. Grynovicki, Ann E. McKaig, Jill Smith, and Virginia A. Kaste
A Method for Estimating Deterministic Water Waves Contamination with Random Background Noise Michael E. Andrew
A Variable Selection Model Building Technique for Radar Measurement Bias Estimation William S. Agee, Andrew C. Ellingson, Jr., and Robert H. Turner

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Object Correlation in Multiple Scenes Robert E. Green
Applying Factor Analysis to Repeated Measures Studies (Title Only) James B. Sampson and Stephen A. Freitas
Design Problems in Testing Chemical Protective Uniforms for Protection After Wear (Title Only) Raymond Spring and Jeffrey A. Manickas
Determining Compliance with Weapon System and Equipment Performance Guarantees Perry C. Stewart
A Prioritization Methodology for Materiel Programs F. Thomas Balzer and Richard T. Maruyama
Proposed Additional Inferential Information During and After Hypothesis Testing Paul H. Thrasher