Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 21-23, 1987
US Army Ballistic Research Laboratories and University of Delaware, held in Newark, DE


Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to J. Stuart Hunter, Princeton University

Short Course on Regression Diagnostics (Title Only), October 19-20, 1987, Roy Welsch

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Statistics and the Learning Process (Keynote, Title Only) J. Stuart Hunter
A Generalized Likelihood Approach to Experimental Design, Data Analysis, and Modeling (Title Only) Albert Paulson
Student: A Tool for Constructing Consultation Systems in Data Analysis William A. Gale
The Effect of Size on Material Strength (Title Only) Howard M. Taylor

Contributed Papers

Title Author
A Bayesian Approach to the Design and Analysis of Computational Experiments (Title Only) Toby J. Mitchell and Max Morris
Evaluation of Camouflage Paint Gloss versus Detection Range George Anitole, Ronald L. Johnson, and Christopher J. Neubert
Sensitivity Analysis of a Nonstochastic Model A. A. Khan
Black Brant Hazard Analysis (Title Only) Weston C. Wolff
Using Personal Computer Spreadsheets in Statistical Planning and Analysis Carl T. Russell
One Sided Tolerance Limits for Random Effects Models (Title Only) Mark Vangel
Estimation of Variance Components and Model-based Diagnostics in a Repeated Measures Design Jock O. Grynovicki and J.W. Green
Model Based Diagnostic for Variance Components in a General Mixed Linear Model J.W. Green and R.R. Hocking
Change-Point Regression with Unknown Change Points (Title Only) Robert L. Launer
Theory of Semiregenerative Phenomena N.U. Prabnu
k-LaPlace Processes (Title Only) Lee S. Dewals, Peter A.W. Lewis, and Ed McKenzie
Theory of Random Mappings (Title Only) Bernard Harris
On the Use of Factor Analysis as a Prediction Tool Oskar M. Essenwanger
Consistency of the P-value and a set of Q-values in a Scoring Accuracy Analysis Paul H. Thrasher
A Bayesian Method for Projecting a Tolerance Limit (Title Only) Donald Neal and John Reardon
Covering Probability Properties for Competing Confidence Interval Methods for the Risk Ratio (Title Only) Craig Morrissette and Douglas B. Tang

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Analysis of a Repeated Measures Design with Missing Data Michelle R. Sams and Joel H. Fernandez
Alternative Methods for Reliability Estimations (Title Only) Raymond V. Spring and Thomas A Mazzuchi
Allocation and Distribution of 155mm Howitzer Fire Ann E.M. Brodeen and Wendy A. Winner
A Simple Mathematical Model for the Simulation of IR Backgrounds Denis F. Strenswilk, Michael P. Meredith, and Walter T. Federer