Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 19-21, 1988
US Army White Sands Missile Range, held at New Mexico State University, Las Cruses, NM


Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Marion R. Bryson, U.S. Army Combat Development Experimentation Center

Short Course on Sensitivity Analysis in Linear Regression (Title Only), October 17-18, 1988, Ali Hadi

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Some Applications of Order Statistics (Keynote) Herbert A. David
Multi-sample Functional Statistical Data Analysis Emanuel Parzen
Parallel Coordinate Densities Edward J. Wegman
Computational and Statistical Issues in Discrete-Event Simulation Donald L. Ingelhart and Peter W. Glynn
Diagnostic Methods – Variance Component Estimation (Title Only) Ronald R. Hocking

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Environmental Sampling: A Case Study Dennis L. Brandon
A Generalized Gumbel Distribution Abstract Siegfried H. Lehnigk
A Generalization of the Eulerian Numbers with a Probabilistic Application Bernard Harris and C.J. Park
REAP – A Radar Error Analysis Program (Title Only) William S. Agee and Andrew C. Ellingson
The Analysis of Multivariate Qualitative Data Using an Ordered Categorical Approach H.B. Tingey, E.A. Morgenthien, and S.M. Free
A Small Sample Power Study of the Anderson-Darling Statistic and a Comparison with the Kolmogorov and the Cramer-von Mises Statistics Linda L.C. Moss, Malcolm S. Taylor, and Henry B. Tingey
NONPARE, a Consultation System for Analysis of Data J.C. Dumer, III, T.P. Hanratty, and M.S. Taylor
Numerical Estimation of Gumbel Distribution Parameters Abstract Charles E. Hall, Jr.
Experimental Design and Optimization of Black Chrome Solar Selective Coatings I.J. Hall and R.B. Pettit
Multi-Observer Multi-Target Visibility Probabilities for Poisson Shadowing Processes in the Plan (Title Only) M. Yadin and S. Zacks
Determination of Detection Range of Monotone and Camouflage Patterned Five-Soldier Crew Tents by Ground Observers George Anitole, Ronald L. Johnson, and Christopher J. Neubert
An Example of Chain Sampling as Used in Acceptance Testing Jerry Thomas, Robert L. Umholtz, and William E. Baker
Some Notes on Variable Selection Criteria for Regression Models (An Overview) Eugene F. Dutoit
Two-stage Testing of Combat Vehicle Tire Systems Barry A. Bodt
Bayesian Inference for Weibull Quantiles Mark G. Vangel
Making Fisher’s Exact Test Relevant Paul H. Thrasher

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Reliability of the M256 Chemical Detection Kit David W. Webb and Linda L.C. Moss
Comparison of Reliability Confidence Intervals Paul H. Thrasher