Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 18-20, 1989
TRADOC Test and Experimentation Command Center (TEC), Fort Ord, held in Monterey, CA (Earthquake Conference)


Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Boyd Harshbarger, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Short Course on Analysis of Linear Models with Unbalanced Data (Title Only), October 16-17, 1989, Ronald R. Hocking

Invited Speakers

Title Author
An Appraisal of Several Multistage Selection Procedures (Keynote, Title Only) Robert Bechhofer
Statistical Data Analysis: How Far Will Computer Graphics Take Us? David W. Scott
Latin Hypercube Sampling: A Way of Saving Computer Runs William J. Conover
An Overview of Statistical Methods for Categorical Data (Title Only) Gary Koch

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Modeling Dependence Induced by Common Environments (Title Only) Mark A. Youngren
Evaluation of Desert Camouflage Uniforms by Ground Observers George Anitole, R.L. Johnson, and C.J. Neubert
Eliminating Calculus Dependency in the Derivation of Dodge’s U (Title Only) Richard M. Brugger
How Should Error Estimates of Fixed Camera Calibration Constants Be Computed? (Title Only) William S. Agee and Andrew C. Ellingson
Statistically Based Material Properties Donald M. Neal and Mark G. Vangel
Statistical Culture: Promoting the Practice of Statistics Emanuel Parzen
Bayesian Inference for Nonhomogeneous Poisson Point Processes and Statisticians (Title Only) Emanuel Parzen
Contributions to the Theory of Random Mappings Bernard Harris
Handling Uncertainty in Input to Expected Value Models Mark A. Youngren
Application and Calibration of a Stochastic C3 Combat Model for Outer-Air and Inner-Air Battles (Title Only) Izhak Rubin and Israel Mayk
Loading and Material Property Uncertainties in Finite Element Analyses for Orthopaedics S. Chinchalkar and D.L. Taylor
Nonnegative Estimation of Variance Components in Mixed Linear Models with Two Variance Components I (Title Only) Thomas Mathew
Nonnegative Estimation of Variance Components in Mixed Linear Models with Two Variance Components II (Title Only) Bimal Kumar Sinha
Nonparametric Inference Under Minimal Repair Myles Hollander, Brett Presnell, and Jayaram Sethuraman
Application of Response Surface Method to Random Vibration (Title Only) Mircea Grigoriu
Distribution Theory for Variance Components Estimation Diagnostics Jock O. Grynovicki and John W. Green
Numerical Estimation and Properties of the Source Density Function Charles E. Hall, Jr.
The Hunter Problem in a Random Field of Obscuring Elements Shelemyahu Zacks and M. Yadin
Special Session on Combat Modeling  
Statistical Issues Related to Combat Modeling in “Combat Modeling” Donald Hue McCoy
The Ballistic Research Laboratory Firepower Control Simulation from Inception to Validation Ann E.M. Brodeen
A Nonparametric Approach to the Validation of Stochastic Models in “Combat Modeling” William E. Baker and Malcolm S. Taylor
Small Sample Tests in Support of Combat Modeling in “Combat Modeling” Eugene Dutoit
A Fresh Approach to the Integrated Procurement Problem Variable Variance B.H. Bissinger
Graphical Tools for Experiment Design Russell R. Barton
Monte Carlo Surface Approximation Using Orthogonal Functions (Title Only) Peter W. Glynn and Donald L. Iglehart

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Has Variability Been Reduced? Gary Aasheim
Which Distribution Applies? Gary Aasheim
The Application of a Composite Design to Test a Combat Simulation Model Carl B. Bates