Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 17-19, 1990
US Army Ballistic Research Laboratory and University of Delaware, held in Newark, DE


Attendee List



Short Course on Graphical Methods for Experiment Design, October 15-16, 1990, Russell R. Barton

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Design of Experiments for Comparing the Performance of Several Multi-Stage for Selecting the Normal Population Having the Largest Mean When the Populations Have a Common Variance (Keynote) Robert E. Bechhofer and David M. Goldsman
Some Graphical Techniques for Data Analysis (Title Only) Paul A. Tukey
Stochastic Models for Particles in a Moving Fluid (Title Only) Howard M. Taylor
Nimble Consultant’s Articles of Advice Erik V. Nordheim
Ridge Regression in Practice (Title Only) Arthur E. Hoerl

Contributed Papers

Title Author
A Model for Optimally Reducing Uncertainty Andrew Anderson Thompson, III
An Iterative Technique for Target Detection and Segmentation in IR Imaging Systems Duc M. Nguyen
Comparison Density Unification of Statistical Methods for Continuous and Discrete Data Emanuel Parzen
Bailar’s Laws of Data Analysis (Banquet, Title Only) John C. Bailar
Development of Desert Camouflage Nets for Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG) George Anitole, Ronald L. Johnson, and Christopher J. Neubert
Maintaining Incremental Optimality When Building Shortest Euclidean Tours T.M. Cronin
An Algebraic Derivation of Variance of the Geometric Distribution Richard M. Brugger
A Linear Programming Model for Queueing in Operational Availability William C. Hoffman
Model Sensitivity in Stress-Strength Reliability Computations Donald M. Neal, William T. Matthews, and Mark G. Vangel
The Making and Use of the “BIG MAC” Database Fred M. Grimes and John Riemenschneider
Improving Nonparametric Tolerance Limits from Pooled Data Donald M. Neal, Mark G. Vangel, and Trevor D. Rudalevige
Target Prioritization to Optimize Expected Utility Based on Random Fire Ann E.M. Brodeen and Douglas H. Frank
An Approach to the Construction of Search Designs (Title Only) Sanjay Arora and Parvatha Maikkalingan
A Performance Model for a System Using Range and Angle of Arrival Information Andrew Anderson Thompson, III
Reliability Design Procedures for Flexible Pavements Yu T. Chou
Boolean Factor Analysis (Title Only) Lidia Rejto
The Survival Probability Function of a Target Moving Along a Straight Line in a Random Field of Obscuring Elements Shelemyahu Zacks and Micha Yadin
Nonnegative Estimation of Variance Components (Title Only) Bimal K. Sinha
Improved Estimates of Variance Components Having Smaller Probability (Title Only) Thomas Mathew and Robert J. Kelly

Clinical Papers

Title Author
A Rank Correlation Approach for Trend Detection of Military Spare Parts Demand Data Barnard H. Bissinger and John R. Boyarski
Artillery Computer Meteorological Message Zone Thickness for Altitudes above 20 KM Abel J. Blanco
Abrams Tank Inspect and Repair only as Necessary (IRON) Economic Model Albert W. Van Horn