Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 23-25, 1991
US Army Engineering Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, MS



Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to James R. Thompson, Rice University

Short Course on Applied Time Series Analysis, October 21-22, 1991, H. Joseph Newton

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Simulation in Statistical Inference (Keynote) Geoffrey Watson
Wavelets and Nonparametric Function Estimation: A Function Analytic Approach, published in 1992 Proceedings Edward J. Wegman
A Bayesian Look at Experimental Design (Title Only) Isabella Verdinelli
Change Analysis Emanuel Parzen
Nonlinear Time Series Analysis Via Cumulative Regressograms Ian W. McKeague and Mei-Jie Zhang
Bayesian Meta Analysis (Title Only) William H. DuMouchel

Contributed Papers

Title Author
A Randomization Approach to an Analysis of Ballistic Data Malcolm S. Taylor
A Randomization Test for Comparing ¼-scale Kinetic Energy Penetrators Barry A. Bodt
One-Sided Nonparametric Tolerance Limits Based on Two Order Statistics Mark G. Vangel
Inference and Predictions from the Poisson-Weibull Process Based on Expert Opinion and Count Data (Title Only) Nozer Singpurwalla
Robust Statistical Decisions (An Empirical Investigation) Eugene Dutoit
The Effect of Sample Size on the Variability on Sample Material Property Values Bernie Harris
Small Sample Design Allowables from Paired Data Sets Donald M. Neal, Trevor D. Rudalevige, and Mark G. Vangel
Minimax Distance Designs in the Context of Two-Level Factorial Experiments (Title Only) P.W.M. John, M.E. Johnson, L.M. Moore, and D. Yivisaker
The Principles of Skip-Lot Sampling and a Comparison of Sampling Frequency Options Charles J. Hunter and Jay M.H. Adamsson
Toxic Fumes Reduction Modifications to the M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle Linda L.C. Moss and William P. Johnson
Some Limitations of the Rank Transformation Test for Interaction W.J. Conover
A Parallelized, Simulation Based Algorithm for Parameter Estimation, published in 1992 Proceedings Martin Lawera and James R. Thompson
Simulation Based Estimation for Birth and Death Processes, published in 1992 Proceedings Kathy Ensor, Eileen Bridges, and Martin Lawera
On a New System of Multivariate Distributions Kevin M. Beam and Albert S. Paulson
Evaluation of Communications Throughput Virginia A.T. Kaste, Ann E.M. Brodeen, and Barbara D. Broome
Visualization and Animation of Statistical Function (Title Only) David Scott
Circularity: Validation and Associated Diagnostic (Title Only) Devan V. Mehorta, John W. Green, and Henry B. Tingey
An Analysis of the Effect of the Degraded-States Methodology for Vulnerability Assessment William E. Baker
Variance Components in Tank Gun Accuracy Research David W. Webb
Identifying Experimental Variability and Its Influence on the Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation Process Jock O. Grynovicki
Modeling Gunfire: A Problem in Maximum Likelihood Estimation Henry B. Tingey
Response Surface Methodology for Value Added Analysis William F. Mann III and Andrew G. Loerch

Clinical Paper

Title Author
Sensitivity of Component Reliability from Fatigue Life Computations Donald M. Neal, William T. Matthews, Trevor D. Rudalevige, and Mark G. Vangel