Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 20-22, 1993
Rice University, Houston, TX



Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Douglas B. Tang, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Short Course on Multivariate Density Estimation and Visual Clustering (Title Only), October 18-19, 1993, David W. Scott

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Beyond Classical Statistical Methods: Why and How (Keynote) Emanuel Parzen
Properties of Simulation Based Estimators of Stochastic Processes Katherine B. Ensor
Tree-Structured Statistical Methods Wei-Yin Loh
On the Reliability of Emergency Diesel Generators at U.S. Nuclear Plants (Title Only) Nozer Singpurwalla and Jiangxian Chen
Contamination of Failure Data Can Change Nature of Failure Rate and Explain the Strength of Long Life Units (Title Only) Jayaram Sethuraman
Estimating Parameters in Complex Computer Codes: Designing the Computer Experiment (Title Only) Dennis Cox

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Partially Duplicated Factorial Designs (Title Only) Peter W.M. John
An Application of Generalized p-Values in Tank Gun Accuracy Research David W. Webb
A New Series of Supersaturated Designs Margaret Gelder Ehm, Marc N. Elliott, and Monnie McGee
Judging Statistical Significance Graphical Methods vs Traditional Parametric Methods (Title Only) Jock O. Grynovicki
An Empirical Study of the Distribution and Properties of the Slope Estimator Using Minimum Normed Distance Criterion Barbara A. Wainwright
Characterization Results in Probability (Title Only) Jerry Anderson
Determination of Desired Design and Operational Characteristics of the Small Area Camouflage Cover by Ground Troops George Anitole, Ronald L. Johnson, and Christopher J. Neubert
Automatic Classification of Research Projects Based on Lexical Content Mel Brown
An Application of Classification with Potential Use in Reproductive Toxicology Barry A. Bodt and Ronald J. Young
Improved Periodogram-based Estimators of Frequency for the Cosinor Model R. John Weaver, Marshall N. Brunden, and Jonathan Raz
Confidence Intervals and Tests of Hypotheses for Normal Coefficients of Variation Mark G. Vangel
Meta-analysis of Gas Flow Resistance Measurements Through Packed Beds Malcolm S. Taylor and Csaba K. Zoltani
Desktop Models for Weapons Analysis John D’Errico and Eugene F. Dutoit
Identifying the Critical Factors in an Adaptive Network Ann E.M. Brodeen, Barbara D. Broome, George W. Hartwig, Jr., and Maria C. Lopez
Measures of Effectiveness for Monte Carlo Sensitivity Analyses Andrew W. Harrell

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Mobility Factor Inference (Title Only) C. Denise Bullock and Nancy Renfroe
Combining Simulation Results Addressing Armor Vehicle Survivability Paul J. Deason
A Rediscovery of the Hodges-Lehmann Estimate Paul H. Thrasher