US Army Conference on Applied Statistics
October 18-20, 1995
US Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD



Attendee List



Short Course on Tree-Structured Methods (Title Only), October 16-17, 1995, Wei-Yin Loh

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Statistics in the Year 2000 – Where Are We Going? (Keynote, Title Only) W.J. Conover
Hypothesis Testing vs. Regression Modeling in Toxicology? (Title Only) John W. Green
Using Wearout Information to Reduce Reliability Demonstration Test Time W. Max Woods
The Role of Analysis in Developing the Future Force (Title Only) Roy Reynolds
Multicriteria Optimization in Statistical Design and Estimation (Title Only) James E. Gentle

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Inference on a Common Mean in Interlaboratory Studies (Title Only) Mark G. Vangel
Nonlinear Mixed Effects Methodology for Rhythmic Data R. John Weaver and M.N. Brunden
Priority Selection to Minimize Expected Loss Douglas H. Frank and Ann E.M. Brodeen
Methodology for the Curve Fitting of Nonlinear Ride Curves Andrew W. Harrell
Criterion-Free Curve Fitting Mel Brown
Individual Bioequivalence: The Bioequivalence Sensitivity Ratio Compares Criterion of Bioavailability Merit Marshall N. Brunden and Thomas J. Vidmar
Reliability Estimates of Complex Structures Asit P. Basu
Applications of Subjective Probability to Tactical Decision Making: A New Weapon in the Information War (Title Only) David H. Olwell
A Bayesian Pareto Analysis for System Optimization James R. Thompson and Roxy D. Walsh
Discerning a Fair Fight on Dissimilar Simulators Lorrie L. Hoffman
Introduction to the Special Session on Advanced Warfighting Experiments (AWEs) in “Advanced Warfighting Experiments” Eugene Dutoit
Evolution of the Model-Test-Model Concept for Use in Operational Testing and Advanced Warfighting Experiments in “Advanced Warfighting Experiments” Bryson McCool, Jerry Lyman, and John Ferguson
Performance Based Metrics for the Digitized Battlefield (Title Only) in “Advanced Warfighting Experiments” Jock Grynovick, Dennis Leedom, Michael Golden, Josephine Wojciechowski, and Gene Dutoit
On the Performance of Weibull Life Tests Based on Exponential Life Testing Designs Francisco J. Samaniego and Yun Sam Chong
Validating Judgements and Decisions for Input to Combat Simulations: An STF Example that Quantifies the Value of Scout Reconnaissance (Title Only) Clairice Veit
Penetration and Deflation Algorithms for Tire Vulnerability Ricky L. Grote, Linda L.C. Moss, and Edwin O. Davisson, Jr.
Using Real-World and Simulation Data to Estimate a Location Parameter Dennis E. Smith
The Effects of a Computer-Aided Teleoperation Technology on Operator Workload and Performance of Concurrent Tasks Monica M. Glumm and Jock O. Grynovicki
Process-Oriented Basis Representations for Multivariate SPC (Title Only) Russel Barton and David R. Gonzales-Barreto
A Markovian Model for Growth and Branching of Stable Cracks in Metals Luis A. de Bejar

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Two Stage Experiment to Determine Response (Increase in Human Performance) Due to a Controlled Experiment (Title Only) Lou Delattre
Statistical Analysis of Lethality Exchange Ratio (Title Only) David Grant and Albert W. Van Horn
Characterizing Nonmonotonic Response Curves: Ballistic Limits in the Presence of Shatter Gap (Title Only) Albert Chang and Barry A. Bodt