US Army Conference on Applied Statistics
October 29-31, 2003
University of California-Davis, held in Napa Valley, CA





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Call for Papers

Program and Agenda at a Glance

Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Donald R. Barr, U.S. Military Academy

Short Course Abstract and “An Introduction to Generalized Linear Mixed Models”, October 27-28, 2003, Charles E. McCulloch

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Hierarchical Models for Spatio-Temporally Correlated Public Health Data (Keynote) (Title Only) Brad Carlin
Directional Distributions in Shape Analysis (Title Only) S. Rao Jammalamadaka
Predictive Data Mining with Multiple Additive Regression Trees (Title Only) Jerome Friedman
Calibrated Probabilistic Weather Forecasting via Bayesian Model Averaging (Title Only) Adrian Raftery
Generalized Inference in Mixed Linear Models Slides Hari Iyer
Bayesian Methods for Assessing System Reliability (Title Only) Mike Hamada

Contributed Papers

Title Author
DNA Microarrays in Medicine: Expressing Yourself One Pixel at a Time Slides in “Microarrays” J. Patrick Vandersluis
Transformations and Background Estimation in the Statistical Analysis of Microarrays (Title Only) in “Microarrays” Karen Kafadar
Statistical Methods of Detecting Differential Gene Expression (Title Only) in “Microarrays” David R. Bickel
System Test Time Based on Lindstrom/Madden Approach for Continuous Data with Weighted Subsystems Slides Thomas R. Walker
Information Integration for Stockpile Surveillance Slides Alyson G. Wilson
Application of Fisher’s Combined Probability Test to the Validation of the AIM-9X Missile Model Slides Art Fries
Research Within the Department of Homeland Security: Key Issues and Priorities Slides in “Homeland Security” Parney Albright
Data Confidentiality, Data Integration, Data Mining, Data Quality: Statistical Challenges for Counterterrorism (Title Only) in “Homeland Security” Alan Karr
Probabilistic Risk Assessment Methods in Evaluating the Efficacy of Security Procedures (Title Only) in “Homeland Security” Bernard Harris
A Taxonomy of Terrorisms Slides Cheryl A. Loeb and James R. Thompson
DoD’s Role in Homeland Security: Experimental Opportunity and Experimental Results Abstract and Slides Paul Deason
Water Supply Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment Methodologies Slides John B. Willis and Thomas M. Cioppa
Signature-Related Results on System Reliability (Title Only) Francisco J. Samaniego
Stochastic Measures of Fatigue Crack Damage (Title Only) Bruce J. West
Are Super Efficient Estimators Super Powerful? (Title Only) Jayaram Sethuraman
Quantitative Sensory Evaluation of Food and Wine (Banquet) (Title Only) Hildegarde Heymann
Current and Future Challenges for Software Reliability Assessment Abstract and Slides in “Beyond Software Reliability” William Farr
Useful Software Reliability Modeling Practices in Industry Environments Slides in “Beyond Software Reliability” Daniel R. Jeske
Test and Evaluation Challenges Posed by the New DoD 5000.1 Defense Acquisition Directive (Title Only) Ernest Seglie, Donald Gaver, and Patricia Jacobs
Significance of Clusters Based on Correlation Distance (Title Only) Harry L. Hurd
Building a Robust Explanatory Model from a Large Data Set (Title Only) David Kim
Clustering by Local Skewering David W. Scott
Hereditary Portfolio Optimization With Taxes and Fixed Plus Proportional Transaction Costs: A Quasi-Variational HJB Inequality Mou-Hsiung Chang
Cost Estimating Relationship Regression Variance Study (Title Only) Donald MacKenzie
Estimation of Direct-Fire Munition Accuracy Parameters Using the EM Algorithm (Title Only) David W. Webb
Objective Force Urban Operations Agent Based Simulation Experiment Slides Lloyd P. Brown and Tom Cioppa
Evaluation of the Technology Readiness Level for the Autonomous Mobility of the EXperimental Unmanned Vehicle (XUV) (Title Only) Barry A. Bodt
Risk Factors for Dental Caries in the Army Population (Title Only) Robyn B. Lee and Georgia dela Cruz
Parsimonious Survival Analysis Models: Studying Early Attrition in the Armed Services by Frailty and Time-Dependent Survival Analysis Yuanzhang Li, Timothy Powers, and Margot Krauss
The Effect of Dosage Errors and Step Selection Method on the Performance of the Up-and-Down Method Slides Douglas R. Sommerville
Estimating Proportions with Small Samples (Title Only) Douglas H. Frank
Overview, Problem Description, Challenges Slides in “Robust and Resilient Critical Infrastructure” Jagdish Chandra
Risk Assessment: A Game Theoretic Approach Slides in “Robust and Resilient Critical Infrastructure” Vicki Bier, Aniruddha Nagaraj, and Vinod Abhichandani
Distributed Detection with Adversarial and Cooperative Sensors (Title Only) in “Robust and Resilient Critical Infrastructure” Nozer Singpurwalla
Optimal Filtering Techniques for Intrusion Detection (Title Only) in “Robust and Resilient Critical Infrastructure” Thomas Kurtz
Optimizing Performance in Networked Systems Slides in “Robust and Resilient Critical Infrastructure” Julien Granger, Ananth Krishnamurthy, and Steve Robinson
Detecting Meaningful Changes in Short-Term Military Attrition: Application of the Random Effect Model and Agreement Testing Yuanzhang Li, Timothy Powers, and Margot Krauss
Camouflaging Data: An Information Theoretic Perspective (Title Only) Sallie Keller-McNulty and Nozer D. Singpurwalla
Multivariate Equivalent Tests with Lognormal Distributions (Title Only) Karen Kafadar
Adaptive Estimation for Inverse Problems with Noisy Operators (Title Only) Nick Hengartner and Laurent Cavalier

Clinical Paper

Title Author
Knowledge Discovery in the Military (Title Only) Deborah Leishman