US Army Conference on Applied Statistics
October 20-22, 2010
SAS Institute Inc., JMP Division, held in Cary, NC

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Program, Program in Brief, and Program at a Glance

Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Arthur Fries, Institute for Defense Analyses

Short Course “Design of Experiments: New Methods and How to Use Them” Abstract and Slides, October 18-19, 2010, Douglas Montgomery and Bradley Jones

Invited Speakers

Title Author
A History of Experimental Design (Keynote) Abstract J. Stuart Hunter
New Directions for Test & Evaluation: Design of Experiments in Defense Acquisition Abstract Catherine Warner
Network Reliability: A Fresh Look at Some Basic Questions Abstract Francisco Samaniego
Multiple Testing Using Sequential Permutation P-Values Abstract Dan Nettleton
RExcel for Experimental Design and Analysis Abstract Richard Heiberger
Thinking Outside the Box: Toward an Enhanced Role for Statistical Modeling in Army Decision Processes Abstract James R. Thompson
Doing the Right Things: Experimenting So That Warriors Do Not Abstract Greg Hutto
Data Assimilation and Uncertainty Quantification for Complex Computer Models Abstract Brian Williams and David Higdon

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Title Unavailable (Banquet) Jon Weisz
A Framework for Using Design of Experiments Across and Within Test Events for DOD Systems Acquisition Testing Abstract in “Design of Experiments for Integrated Testing” Nancy Dunn
Integrated Test via a Grid of Well-Designed Experiments Abstract in “Design of Experiments for Integrated Testing” Jim Simpson
Evolutionary Test Design for Enhanced Binary Response Abstract in “Design of Experiments for Integrated Testing” Donald P. Gaver and Patricia A. Jacobs
Educating Army Leaders in the Use of Statistical Methods to Enable Counter IED Operations Abstract in “Case Studies in Army Applications of Statistics” Paul Kucik
Exact Customer Sojourn Time Distributions for the M/M/s Queue Abstract in “Case Studies in Army Applications of Statistics” William Kaczynzski
Modeling Officer Manpower Abstract in “Case Studies in Army Applications of Statistics” Tina Hartley, Scott Nestler, and Andrew Hall
Understanding Afghanistan Abstract in “Social & Cultural Terrain” Edward J. Wegman
Data Acquisition and Data Employment Protocols for Multi-agent Modeling of Conflict Abstract in “Social & Cultural Terrain” Armando Geller
Inferring Social Network Structure from Incident Size Distribution in Iraq Abstract in “Social & Cultural Terrain” Tim Gulden
Meta-Analysis to Determine if Assigning Running Shoes Based on Footprint Shape Reduces Injury Risk in Military Basic Training Abstract in “Health Science and Statistics in the DoD” J.J. Knapik, D.W. Trone, L. Brosch, K.G. Hauret, T. Grier, S.H. Bullock, and B.H. Jones
Effect of Insecticide-Treated Bed Nets on the Feeding Behavior of Sand Flies in the Laboratory Abstract in “Health Science and Statistics in the DoD” G. Zollner, D. Brambilla, T. Nolan, and C. Lim
SAS Enterprise Miner and Application to Health Sciences using the DMSS Abstract in “Health Science and Statistics in the DoD” Theresa Real
The Percolated Beta-Binomial Distribution Abstract Nozer D. Singpurwalla
Complex Failures in Fiber/Epoxy Composites under Tensile Load with an Application of Partition based Dirichlet Priors Abstract Jayaram Sethuraman
Spectral Approximation of Infinite-Dimensional Black-Scholes Equation with Memory Abstract Mou-Hsiung (Harry) Chang
Adversarial Risk Analysis: A Routing Game Abstract Shouqiang Wang and David Banks
Adversarial Risk Analysis: Borel Games Abstract David Banks, Francesca Petralia, and Shouqiang Wang
Adversarial Risk Analysis in Bioterrorism Abstract Juan Vivar
Predictive Modeling with Wide Data: Cross-Validation Model Comparison and Learning Curves Abstract Russ Wolfinger, Pei-Yi Tan, and Padraic Neville
Fitting pdfs to Small Datasets Abstract Jerry Alderman
Modeling, Simulating, Measuring, and Understanding Cooperation Abstract Chris Arney, Kristin Arney, and Elisha Peterson
Model Calibration through Minimal Adjustments Abstract V. Roshan Joseph and Chia-Jun Chang
Novel Experimental Design & Analysis Methods for Simulation Experiments Involving Algorithms Abstract Terril N. Hurst, Joseph Chatterpaul, John S. Rhodes, and Keith Vander Putten
Statistical Origins of Allometry Abstract Bruce J. West
Missile Fuze Experiment Abstract William C. Thomas and Chris Schott
Discovering Partially Ordered Patterns of Terrorism via Spatio-Temporal Data Mining Abstract James A. Shine, James P. Rogers, Shashi Shekhar, and Pradeep Mohan
Maximum Clarity: An Alternative to Minimum Aberration for Fractional Factorial Designs Abstract Jose G. Ramirez and Randall D. Tobias
Design of Experiments for Test and Evaluation: Best Practices and Future Challenges Abstract Laura Freeman
Comparison of Methods for Determining Sensitivity of Explosive Devices to Applied Stress Abstract Allan T. Mense, Jerry Alderman, and Don Woolley
Regression Tree Models for Longitudinal Repeated Measures and Multivariate Response Data Abstract Wei-Yin Loh
Design of Experiments in the Department of Defense Abstract W. Ward Vaughn
3 Systems - 3 DOEs (UFHD / LVSR / CTN) Abstract Swala Burns
Random Contamination of Semiconductor Materials Abstract Bernard Harris
Detection of Outliers in Spatial-Temporal Data Abstract James P. Rogers
Clay Calibration: Radial Dependence of Calibration Drop Depths for Body Armor Testing Abstract Shane Esola, Barbara Gillich, Ward Boughers, and Sandra Meiselwitz
An Information Retrieval Framework for Assessing Intelligent Stare Abstract Barry Bodt
Meta-modeling of Personnel Entry into Collectively-Protected Shelters Abstract Jack Edwards, Jung-Ii Choi, Jeffrey Eischen, Nathan Obringer, Harold Barnette, Gaurang Dave, and Roger Gibbs
Large-scale Experimental Designs for Simulation Abstract Susan M. Sanchez, Thomas W. Lucas, Paul J. Sanchez, and Christopher J. Nannini
Modeling with “Infinite” Bootstrapping Abstract Andrew Glen, Chris Marks, and Matt Robinson