Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 18-20, 1961
US Signal Research and Development Laboratory, Fort Monmouth, NJ

Proceedings Part 1 and Part 2

Attendee List



Invited Speakers

Title Author
Time Series and Spectral Analysis G.A. Watterson
Monte Carlo Methods John M. Hammersley
Designs for Estimating Variance Components R.L. Anderson
Hazard Analysis G.S. Watson
Panel Discussion on Simulation Robert M. Thrall, Alfred W. DeQuoy, John Hammersley, John H. Moss, and Gustave Rabson

Contributed Papers

Title Author
The Construction and Analysis of Non-Orthogonal Plans for the 2n Factorial Experiments Sidney Addelman
Use of the Up-and-Down Method with Factorial Designs R.L. Grant and R.W. Van Dolah
General Formulas and a Positional Index-Algorithm for Generating Orthogonal Contrasts in Multi-Variable Statistical Designs Erwin Biser
A Semi-Automatic War Gaming System John L. Donaldson and Thomas A. Shaw
Transient Nuclear Radiation Effects on Electron Tubes and Transistors Richard G. Saelens
The Development of Subminiature Tube Handbook Information (Title Only) J.A. Zoellner
Reliability Testing and Estimation for Single and Multiple Environments Using Increased Severity Methods S.K. Einbinder and Ingram Olkin
Reliability, Probability and Binomial Inference W.A. Thompson, Jr.
An Experiment on Aircraft Vulnerability Bruce Taylor and Garth McCormick
A Predictor Model for Stability Estimates in the Rotating Drum Cecil O. Eckard
Disease Severity Quantification Clifford J. Maloney
Statistical Studies of Plaque Results in Virus Assay Francis M. Wadley and Walter D. Foster
A Confidence Interval for the Reliability of Multi-Component Systems John K. Abraham
Reliability of Compliance with One-Sided Specifications Limits when Data is Normally Distributed E.L. Bombara
A General Approach to Engineering Tolerance Specifications Sheldon G. Levin
A Further Analysis of Missile Range Tracking Systems Oliver Lee Kingsley
Efficiency of Average Radius as an Estimate of Circular Probable Error when True Center of Impact is Unknown (Title Only) Robert I. McKeague
Picatinny Arsenal Training Programs in Statistics in “Educational and Game” Alonzo Bulfinch
A Review of a Statistical Workshop in “Educational and Game” Walter D. Foster and Theodore W. Horner
Ye Olde Confidence Game in “Educational and Game” Theodore W. Horner and Walter D. Foster
Some Aspects of Linear Regression Systems William S. Mallios
Some Results Concerning the Reduction of Product Variability through the Use of Variance Components R.R. Prairie

Clinical Papers

Title Author
A Method of Weapon System Analysis H.G. Smith
Variation of Artillery Ammunition Expenditure and Intelligence Robert H. Hobbs, Simon H. Kahn, Thomas H. Brylawski, Andrew H. Levy, Peter E. Lobban, and Michael M. Weisfield
An Approach to Sensitivity Analysis of CARMONETTE (A Small Unit Combat Monte Carlo Simulation) Richard J. Matteis and William C. Suhler
The Complex Nature of Reliability A. Bulfinch
Surveillance Inspection of Textile Materials (Title Only) William S. Cowie
Problems Involved in Developing and Analyzing Durability Data from Field Tests of Textiles and Footwear Items Virginia W. Perry (presented by Harold R. Rush)
Use of Statistical Designs in Laboratory Environmental Testing of Adaption Kits Daniel Taravella
A Series of Two-Phase Experiments Emil H. Jebe
Fitting the “Modified Exponential” Function by the Methods of Multiple Regression Willis L. Hasty
Problems Related to a Bio-Assay for Spore-Germination Inhibitors Associated with Uredospores K.R. Bromfield and Marian W. Jones