Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 20-22, 1965
US Army Munition Command, Dover, DE, held at the Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ

Proceedings Part 1 and Part 2

Attendee List



First Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to John W. Tukey, Princeton University

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Confidence Limits for the Reliability of Complex Systems (Title Only) Joan Raup Rosenblatt
Estimation and Design for Non-linear Models J. Stuart Hunter
Target Coverage Problems William C. Guenther
Maximum Likelihood Estimates for the General Mixed Analysis of Variance Model/Maximum Likelihood Estimates for Unbalanced Factorial Data H.O. Hartley
Panel Discussion on Selecting the Best Treatment (Title Only) R.E. Bechhofer (Chairman, Selecting the Population with the Largest Parameter) and Shanti S. Gupta (Selecting a Subset Containing the Population with the Largest Parameter)

Contributed Papers

Title Author
A Problem of Deterioration in Reliability Abstract Henry DeCicco
Game Theory Techniques for System Analysis and Design (Title Only) Jerome H.N. Selman
Systematic Methods for Analyzing 2n3m Factorial Experiments Barry H. Margolin
Construction and Comparison of Non-Orthogonal Incomplete Factorial Designs Steve R. Webb
Strategy for the Optimal Use of Weapons by Area Coverage J.A. Nickel, J.D. Palmer, and F.J. Kern
Variability of Lethal Area Bruce D. Barnett
Decision Procedure for Minimizing Costs of Calibrating Liquid Rocket Engines E.L. Bombara and Sidney H. Lishman
The Theoretical Strength of Titanium Calculated from the Cohesive Energy Perry R. Smoot
Extreme Vertices Design of Mixture Experiments R.A. McLean and V.L. Anderson
Design of a High-Voltage-Breakdown-In-Vacuum Experiment M.M. Chrepta, J. Weinstein, G.W. Taylor, and M.H. Zinn
Model Simulation of Bio-Cellular Systems (Title Only) George I. Lavin
Some Inferential Statistics Which are Relatively Compatible with an Individual Organism Methodology Samuel H. Revusky
Control of Data-Support Quality Fred S. Hanson
Designs and Analyses for Inverse Response Problems in Sensitivity Testing M.J. Alexander and D. Rothman
Monte Carlo Investigation of the Probability Distributions of Dixon’s Criteria for Testing Outlying Observations Walter L. Mowchan
A Simplified Technique for Estimating Degrees of Freedom for a Two Population “T” Test when the Standard Deviations are Unknown and Not Necessarily Equal Eugene Dutoit and Robert Webster
Deleting Observations from a Least Squares Solution Charles A. Hall
Precision and Bias Estimates for Data from Cinetheodolite and AN/FPS-16 Radar Trajectory Measuring Systems Burton L. Williams and Oliver L. Kingsley
Some Problems in Statistical Inference for Generalized Multinomial Populations Bernard Harris
Statistics in the Calibration Laboratory (Title Only) Joseph M. Cameron

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Statistical Analysis of Automatically Recorded Physiograph Data John C. Atkinson
An Application of Experimental Design in Ergonomics: Heart Rate as a Function of Work Stress and Time Henry B. Tingey and William H. Kirby, Jr.
Ten Snake Venoms: A Study of Their Effects on Physiological Parameters and Survival James A. Vick, Henry P. Ciuchta, and James H. Manthei
Piricularia Oryzae – Relationship Between Lesion Counts and Spore Counts Thomas H. Barksdale, William D. Brener, Walter D. Foster, and Marian W. Jones
Thermal Cycles in Welding Mark M. D’Andrea, Jr.
Statistical Analysis of Tensile-Strength Hardness Relationships in Thermomechanically Treated Steels Albert A. Anctil
Application of Numerical Techniques to Experimentally Model an Aerodynamic Function Andrew H. Jenkins