Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 22-24, 1969
US Army Missile Command, Redstone Arsenal, AL

Proceedings Part 1 and Part 2

Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to W.J. Youden, National Bureau of Standards

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Reliability Applied to Space Flight John E. Condon
Computer-Aided Selection of Prior Distributions for Generating Monte Carlo Confidence Bounds on System Reliability Nancy R. Mann
A Probability Approach to Catastrophic Threat Clifford J. Maloney
The Empirical Bayes Approach to the Design and Analysis of Experiments Richard G. Krutchkoff
On Confidence Limits for the Performance of a System When Few Failures Are Encountered Sam C. Saunders

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Development of Testing Programs to Minimize Overall Project Cost of Failure Probability (Title Only) Roger L. Lapp
Comparative Analysis of the LCSS-ETG-3 Performance Capability Using Statistical Probabilities Andrew H. Jenkins
Estimation of Vehicle Parameters for the Given Model: Y=θ1 e2 t) sin⁡(θ3 t) John Howerton and D. Ray Campbell
A Method of Improving the Estimation of Variance John Gurland and J.S. Mehta
A Classification of Bivariate Variance Comparisons Clifford J. Maloney
Computerized Quality Control as Applied to Upper Atmospheric Data Oskar M. Essenwanger
A Statistical Model for the Analysis of Simultaneous Two-Station Ionospheric Soundings Erwin Biser and Richard D’Accardi
Position Location Via Multiple Triangulation Glenn A. Stoops and Edward L. Spitznagel, Jr.
A General Computational Algorithm for Bayesian Confidence Bounds Richard W. Clarke
Exact Lower Confidence Limits on Normal and Lognormal Reliability Royce W. Soanes, Jr.
Real-Time Simulation Technique for Evaluating a Gyro-Seeker Assembly Elwood D. Baas
Biochemical Aspects of Feedback Effects in Biocellular Systems (Title Only) George I. Lavin
New Analyses and Methods Leading to Improved Target Acquisition Requirements Involving Systems, Geodetic and Re-entry Errors, and Increased Weapons Effectiveness for Conventional Weapons Hans Baussus-von Luetzow
An Air Defense Comparative Model Robert E. Shannon, James P. Ignizio, and James L. Stimach
Probabilistic Manpower Planning for the Research and Development Organization Larry H. Johnson
Analysis of Factorial Arrangement in Non-connected Block Design Badrig Kurkjian and R.C. Woodall
Design of Field Test Programs and Statistical Techniques for Analysis of the Performance of Navigation and Positioning Systems Emil H. Jebe and Ralph A. King
A Unified Procedure for Selecting Alternate Experimental Designs Edwin M. Bartee
A Suggested Procedure for Analyzing Missile Performance by a Least Squares Fit to a Generalized Linear Statistical Model and a Quick Check for Normality of the Data Nancy R. Rich
Inference Procedures Based on Censored Time Dependent Observations Donald R. Barr and Toke Jayachandran
Optimizing a Four-Part Assay Procedure Walter D. Foster
An Application of Linear Programming to Experimental Design J. Richard Moore
The Use of a Hybrid Computer to Evaluate Man-Machine Performances of Complex Vehicle Control Systems Myrna L. Toivanen, Bernard S. Gurman, and Erwin Biser
Experimental Design Considerations in Validating a Method of Modeling a Man-Organized System Bob B. Lukens and Robert A. Brown
An Investigation of the Effect of Some Prior Distributions on Bayesian Confidence Intervals for Attribute Data Alan W. Benton
Some Techniques for Constructing Mutually Orthogonal Latin Squares W.T. Federer, A. Hedayat, E.T. Parker, B.L. Raktoe, Esther Seiden, and R. J. Turyn
A Probability Model for the Assessment of Human Incapacitation from Penetrating Missile Wounds William P. Johnson and William J. Bruchey, Jr.

Clinical Papers

Title Author
An Empirical Approach to Analysis of the Interaction Characteristics of a Six-Component Rocket Engine Test Stand Aubrey W. Presson
Interlaboratory Study of a Method for Measuring Ammonium Tetrachlorate Particle Size Bernard J. Alley
A Problem in Continuous Sampling Verification Mary E. Blome
Toward a Stochastic Model of Terrain R.H. Peterson and W.C. Taylor
Determining the Flight Reliability of an Anti-tank Missile with Side Jets Robert G. Conard and Nancy R. Rich
Transmission of Infrasonic Waves Generated by Large Missile Launches Raymond E. Lacy and C.E. Sharp