Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 27-29, 1971
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC

Proceedings Part 1 and Part 2

Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Harold F. Dodge, Rutgers University and Bell Telephone Labs

Invited Speakers

Title Author
The Role of Mathematical Sciences in Biomedical Research (Title Only) Marvin Zelen
Randomized Response: A New Survey Tool to Collect Data of a Personal Nature Bernard G. Greenberg, James R. Abernathy, and Daniel G. Horvitz
Classification and Clustering Techniques in Data Analysis Geoffrey H. Ball
Hotelling’s Weighing Designs K.S. Banerjee
The Comparison of Proportions: A Review of Significance Tests, Confidence Intervals, and Adjustments for Stratification John J. Gart

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Combat Models as Applied to Radiotherapy Barry W. Brown and James R. Thompson
A Computer Program for Trichotomous Bioassay Clifford J. Maloney and Fred S. Yamada
Criteria for Biocellular Models: The Infrared Microscopy of Hard Tissue George I. Lavin
Factorial Experiments of Small Arms Weapon Fire Control Adolph P. Kawalec
Characterization of Ballistic Effectiveness by Maximal Trajectory J.T. Wong and T.H.M. Hung
An Effectiveness Model for Burst Fires on Volume Targets T.H.M. Hung and J.T. Wong
Simulation of Subsurface Nuclear Explosions with Chemical Explosives Donald E. Burton and Edward J. Leahy
Modified Factorial Experiments for Analyzing Poisson Data Lyman Ott and William Mendenhall
Inferences on Functions of the Parameters of Univariate Distributions Ronald L. Racicot
Estimation in the Exponential Distribution (Title Only) A. Clifford Cohen
Dynoss-Dynamically Optimized Smoothing Span Roberto Fierro
An “Optimizer” for Use in Computer Simulations: Studies with a Prototype Dennis E. Smith
Stag Monotone Experimental Design Algorithm (SMEDAL) Alexander Morgan
Maximum Likelihood Approximation for Gumbel’s Law and Application to Upper Air Extreme Values Oskar Essenwanger
Statistical Models for H.F. Ionospheric Forecasting for Field Army Distances Richard J. D’Accardi, Robert A. Kulinyi, and Chris P. Tsokos
Disease Severity Index Clifford J. Maloney
Extreme Value Theory in Radiation-sterilization of Food (Title Only) Edward W. Ross, Jr.
Digital Simulation of Equipment Allocation for Corps of Engineer Construction Planning D.W. Halpin and W.W. Happ
Machine Gun Effectiveness Model Based on Stochastic Variations of the Barrell During Firings as Applied to Hemisphere Targets Richard H. Moushegian
An Analytical Approach for Some Air Scatterable Minefield Effectiveness Models Barry H. Rodin
A Mathematical Theory of Measures of Effectiveness David L. Bitters
Optimal Designs for Estimating the Slope of a Second Degree Polynomial Regression (Title Only) V.N. Murty
A Generalization of Minimum Bias Estimation for Weighted Least Squares John A. Cornell
A Survey of Procedures for Tests of Separate Families of Hypotheses Alan R. Dyer
Maximum Likelihood Estimation from Renewal Testing Larry H. Crow
An Age Replacement Formula Royce W. Soanes, Jr.
A Technique for Obtaining a Measure of Industrial Learning and Level-off Using Economic Parameters Eugene Dutoit
Experimental Testing of Intrusion Detection Devices Eric C. Mendelson
Laboratory Control of Dynamic Vehicle Testing James W. Grant
Functional Properties of CSP-1 Applied to a Finite Length Production Run Richard M. Brugger
The Development of Feature Extraction Techniques for Pulse Data (Title Only) J.S. Dehne and B.E. Beaumont
The Use of Design of Experiment for Determining Optimum Brightness of Phosphors Exposed to High Energy Electron-Beam Bombardment Joseph M. Velasquez and Isidore H. Stein
Experimental Comparison of Operational Techniques for a Semiautomatic Flight Operations Center W. Paterson, E. Biser, and H. Mencher

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Methdods to Extend the Utility of Linear Discriminant Analysis (Title Only) L.E. Larsen
The Characterization and Analysis of Complex Biological Responses J. Richard Jennings
Validation of Mathematical Models (Title Only) Robert E. Kasten
Comparison of Treatments Given Bi-Variate Time Response Data Pearl A. Van Natta
Experimental Design in Prospective Studies of Infection in Man Robin T. Vollmer
Treatment of Null Responses Genevieve L. Meyer and Ronald L. Johnson
Design of Reliability Experiments to Yield More Information on Failure Causes Roland H. Rigdon
Some Problems in the Design of Tests to Characterize IR Background Transients J.S. Dehne, J.R. Schwartz, and A.J. Carillo
The Analysis of a Success-Failure Time Series with an Appreciable Number of Missing Observations Robert P. Lee
Utilization of Gas Flow Dynamics in a Grenade Launcher System (Title Only) Herman E. Tarnow