Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 23-25, 1974
US Army Operational Test & Evaluation Agency and US Army Engineer Center, Fort Belvoir, VA

Proceedings Part 1 and Part 2

Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Cuthbert Daniel, Consultant

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Samuel S. Wilks and the Army Experimental Design Conference Series Churchill Eisenhart
The Information in Contingency Tables Solomon Kullback
Multivariate Data Analysis Herbert Solomon
Some Uses of Order Statistics H.A. David
Optimal Resource Allocation for Maximizing System Reliability Gerald Lieberman
Ranking and Selection Procedures Robert Bechhofer
Maximum Information from Field Experiments Marion R. Bryson
Sample Size Trade-offs and the Constrained Maximization of Information William Mallios

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Target Visibility and Decision Optimization Timothy M. Small
Optimizing a Production Line for Cost and Quantity Eileen M.R. Weigand
An Application of the Weibull-Gnedenko Distribution Function for Generalizing Conditional Kill Probabilities of Single Fragment Impacts on Target Components William P. Johnson
Decision Theory Approach to Grading Binomial Populations Paul Williams
Pseudo-Bayesian Intervals for Reliability of a Series System Given Weibull Component Data Ronald L. Racicot
The Unique Application of Bayesian Statistics to High Reliability Testing Charles A. Pleckaitis and Erwin Biser
Robustness Studies for Bayesian Developments in Reliability Chris P. Tsokos and A.N.V. Rao
A Bayesian Approach to Reliability Growth Analysis John G. Mardo
Experimental Collection of Statistics by Computer Simulation: The Autovon Network Egon Marx
An Analysis of Buffers in a Production System Anton Hauschild
Rate Dependent Failure Process Simulation (Title Only) Martin Roffman and Robert Kuehn
Statistical Model for Controller Performance Measures for an Air Traffic Automated System (ATMAC) Erwin Biser
A Flexible, General Purpose Covariance Computer Program Clifford J. Maloney and Lucille A. Carver
Observations on the Algebra of Non-normal Functions (Title Only) Donald M. Neal
Computation of Moments of a Log Rayleigh Distributed Random Variable William L. Shepherd
On the Type II Error of the 2x2 Contingency Table Chi-Square Statistic Robert L. Launer
Principal Component Regression Analysis (Appendix to Clinical Paper) John Bart Wilburn
Predicting Metastasis of Enucleated Small Ophthalmic Melanomas by Discriminant Function Walter D. Foster and Ian W. McLean
Forecasting Models for Mosquito Population Behavior Stephen Smeach and Chris P. Tsokos
Curve Fitting of Discrete Points by Legendre Polynomials Oskar M. Essenwanger
Fire Control Sensitivity Analysis Using a Programmable Calculator Thomas O. McIntire
Applications of Sequential Sensitivity Test Strategies and Estimation Using a Weibull Response Function for Extreme Probabilities and Percentage Points Gertrude Weintraub
Statistical Analysis and Modeling of Sensitivity Augmentation in Cutaneous Communications R. D’Accardi and H.S. Bennett
Skip-Lot Procedure Formulation Using the Simplified Markov Chain Method Richard M. Brugger
Semi Markov Chains Applied to Markov Chain Models of Continuous Sampling Plans David L. Arp
Tracking Reliability Growth Larry H. Crow
Minimum Variance Solution of a Polynomial Function of Two Noisy Random Variables Oren N. Dalton
The Probability of Motor Case Rupture Ronald S. Downs and Paul C. Cox
On the Nonexistence of Some Incomplete Block Designs Alan W. Benton
Simple Statistical Alternatives to the Method of Least Squares for the Determination of X-Intercept and Slope Joseph F. Hannigan and Mary L. Powers
A Statistical Approach to Loading and Failure of Structures Ronald G. Merritt
Strain Gage Instrumentation for Ammunition Testing Abstract Paul D. Flynn
Data Analysis of Automatic Tracker Testing (Title Only) Nicholas P. Marasco, Robert R. Volz, and Thomas G. Kelley
Statistical Investigation into Pulse Charging of Nickel-Cadmium Batteries Walter Kasian and Erwin Biser
Optical Characterization of Surface Roughness Eugene L. Church and John M. Zavada

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Multi-Dimensional, Non-Gaussian, Random Processes with Specified Covariance and Probability Density Functions James W. Wright
Design of Experiments for the Evaluation of Materiel Performance in Worldwide Environments Bob O. Benn
Short Pulse Testing of EEDs and the Bruceton Problem Ramie H. Thompson and Burton V. Frank
The Launch Transient Problem for Optical Contrast (TV Imaging) Seekers (Title Only) Christopher E. Kulas and Joseph A. De Blaquiere
Hypothesis Testing on Product of Two Binomials (Title Only) Lang Withers
Determination of “Average” Noise of U.S. Army Construction and Materials Handling Equipment (Title Only) Samuel E. Wehr
Progress to Date on Computing Regression Based Estimates of Climatic Changes Following Volcanic Eruptions John Bart Wilburn
Validation of Engineering Simulation Models (Title Only) Roland H. Rigdon