Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 19-21, 1977
US Army Combat Development Experimentation Command, Fort Ord, CA held at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA


Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Churchill Eisenhart, National Bureau of Standards

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Analysis of Unbalanced Experiments H.O. Hartley
Analysis of Censored Survival Data Norman Breslow
The Jackknife: Survey and Applications Rupert G. Miller, Jr.
Modeling and Estimating the Availability of Complex Systems: The Jackknife, Common-Cause, and Inspection Models Donald P. Gaver
Application of Time Series Models George E.P. Box

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Theory of Least Chi-Square for Polynomials: Implication for Design of Experiments Richard L. Moore
Simplified Construction of Basis Functions for Polynomial Splines J.J. Heimbold
VALT Parameter Identification Flight Tests Robert L. Tomaine, Wayne H. Bryant, and Ward F. Hodge
Statistical Design and Analysis of Underground Structures Tests (Title Only) Jon D. Collins and Eugene Sevin
Experimental Design for Testing Effect of Ingesting Crude Fiber on Plasma Zinc Levels in Human Volunteers Walter D. Foster and Barbara R. Harland
The Analysis of Partially Factorial Experiments (Title Only) John R. Burge
Considerations in Designing Manpower Experiments (Title Only) Gus W. Haggstrom
Rank Analysis of a Constrained Ground-to-Air Detectability Experiment (Title Only) Carl T. Russell
Resolving Under-Identification Through Replication in Structural Experimental Design William S. Mallios
Analysis of Man-Machine Interface Information in Current Communications Systems R.J. D’Accardi, H.S. Bennett, and C.P. Tsokos
Improved Quantification of Player Effects in Experimental Design William Mallios, Robert Batesole, Donald Leal, and Thieu Tran
Errors in Linear Fits due to Function Mismatch and Noise with Spline Applications G.W. Lank, W.B. Kendall, and P.A. Gartenberg
The Facts of Life (Title Only) S. Goodman, A. McGoldrick, and K. Heulitt
Autoregressive Models of Aircraft Motion and Air Defense Prediction Walter J. Dziwak
Confidence Intervals for Reliability Growth Analysis (Title Only) Larry H. Crow
A Sensitivity Evaluation of a Large Scale Tactical System Availability under Varying Support Resource Levels Robert A. Hall and Howard M. Bratt
Use of Lognormal Confidence Bounds on Reliable Life When the True Life Distribution is Not Lognormal Eugene E. Coppola
Pitman-Closeness Efficiency of Estimators of Reliability with Application to the Exponential Failure Model, published in 1978 Proceedings Danny Dyer and Jerome P. Keating
Double Testing in Binomial Data G.R. Andersen
Qualitative Evaluation of the M60A1 Tank Camouflage by Operational Imagery Interpreters Edward R. Eichelman and Ronald L. Johnson
Design of a Full-Scale Test for U.S. Army Helicopter Nap-of-the-Earth (NOE) Communication Systems Bernard V. Ricciardi, Bruce C. Tupper, and George H. Hagn
Table Look-up and Interpolation for a Normal Random Number Generator, II William L. Shepherd and John W. Starner, Jr.
Direct Degeneracy Attainment in Markov Chains Richard M. Brugger
The Curse of the Exponential Distribution in Reliability Leon H. Herbach, J. Arthur Greenwood, and Saul B. Blumenthal

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Measure of Effectiveness (MOEs) for Division Level Models John H. Shuford and Frederick H. Knack
Analysis of Ratio Data from Field Experimentation Brian Barr
Physiological and Perceptual Adaptation to Sustained and Maximal Work in Young Women D. Kowal, D. Horstman, and L. Vaughan
Analysis of Well Being and Operational Efficiency in a Laboratory Simulation of a Field Artillery Fire Direction Center (Title Only) L.E. Banderet and J.W. Stokes
Experimental Design for Sensitivity Experiments of Computer Simulation Models Carl B. Bates
On Validating Missile Simulations: Field Data Analysis and Time-Series Techniques Abstract Naim A. Kheir and Donald Sutherlin
Statistical Validation of Guided Projectile/Missile Simulation Models Harold L. Pastrick
Analysis of Variance of Multivariable Flight Test Data – A Call for Assistance James S. Hayden
Topics in the Analysis of Variance: Selection of a Model and Summary Statistics Frederick Steinheiser, Jr. and Kenneth I. Epstein
Field Experiment Design Risk Under Practical Constraints (Title Only) Lawrence T. Sughrue
Field Verification of Radiation Characteristics of Radars J.L. Harris
Construction of Confidence Limits in a Nonlinear Regression Charles Maxson Greenland and Lynn H. Davis
Computing the Definite Integral ∫0 to ∞〖e(-(px2+qx+r)) dx〗on a Programmable Calculator Donald W. Rankin
A Freshman Error Can Be Fatal or I’m Not Sure About Being 95 Percent Sure Norman L. Wykoff
Laser Velocimeter Data Interpretation by Histogram and Spectral Analysis Warren H. Young, Jr., James F. Meyers, and Danny R. Hoad
Three Dimensional Curve Fitting Techniques to Express Suppression as a Function of Range and Aspect Angle Chaunchy F. McKearn and David E. Brown
Prediction Bounds in Linear Calibration: Heteroscedastic Case (Title Only) C.C. Peck and L.A. Hopkins
Estimating Product Reliability in a Dynamic Marker Situation When Only Failures Are Reported (Title Only) Leonard R. Lamberson
On Validating Criterion Referenced Tests Milton H. Maier and Stephen F. Hirshfeld